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DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP 29 7 Issue 56 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN CAMO & KROOKED Drum and bass pair from Vienna , winners of best newcomer DJ's 2010, have just released their new album, Zeitgeist and we thought we would see what the F is up! Jenny | Two years on from your debut LP, Cross, could you sum up Zeitgeist in 3 words? Mature, funky, emotional... How do the pair of you work in a studio environment? Do you work on any bits individually, or share ideas? We have two separate studios, so we work and discuss ideas over the internet, sending clips back and forth, talking about possible improvements and so on. Two things that stand out for me are the individuality of each track and, of course, the outstanding level of production. Did you enjoy taking time away from touring and shows to deliver such a project? We had two months off in the beginning of 2013, but other than that we did touring on the weekends and producing throughout the week, which was quite intense. Having bit time off touring was wicked though, as you can fully concentrate on the production and the whole project. Touring takes a lot of very emotional and nice to listen to in every occasion. We are still enjoying playing the smashy tunes off the album to a crazy crowd, though. How important do you feel it has been for you to create something that explores and blends genres without that are reflected in Zeitgeist? We've been influenced by Michael Jackson's Thriller album, the latest two Justice albums, Discovery and Random Access Memories by Daft Punk, and much more. Throughout the album works the influences kept changing, "People know what we do and what were about so they come down to enjoy the music." time, but it's also necessary to test out new tunes and collect feedback by the crowds…And it's fun of course! Which are your personal favourites from Zeitgeist? There are too many to mention only a few, but the more minimal tunes might be our favourite bits overall, as they are boundaries? The main idea behind the album was to escape the old paths and sounds to create something unique and fresh, taking in a lot of new influences into drum and bass, and melting them into something unheard and unexpected. There must have been lots of influences for you along the way – any particular tracks that you have been inspired by and that is what makes this album really unique and colourful. You've got a wicked collaboration with Metrik on there – was it a fun process working with a label mate? We've been friends with Metrik way longer than all of us been signed to Hospital, and have been friends for about 4 years now so its great to finally have him on a tune and it worked out very well. Looking back at your older releases, can you remember which track of yours got the biggest reaction when first dropped live? The remix we've done for John B´s "Numbers" always had the biggest reactions especially as it was a really new direction by that time. What has been your favourite festival experience this year and why? There have been too many wicked festivals this summer, but EDC in Las Vegas is always a special one as the production there is just insane! FOLLOW @CAMOKROOKED

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