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GUESTLIST 5 7 Issue 56 / 2013 GOOD NEWS NEWS FLASH HIP HOP Jay Z takes the tube! On October 12th Jay Z, Hov, Timbaland and Chris Martin were spotted riding the tube with commuters to their show at The 02 Arena. They were spotted at Waterloo Station and obviously, chaos ensued. Were you part of the commuters? House Clockwork new single Experimentation in a diversity of sound from Clockwork presenting us with his single "Blitz" following his summer hit "Surge". You can find his preview for this track on Soundcloud now. A LIVEABLE ATMOSPHERE ON MARS? Those of us who will still be alive in over fifty years' time should get to know the word: Terraforming. It basically means physically transforming the atmosphere and land of a planet. Terraforming Mars would involve – in a nutshell - installing large orbital mirrors which reflect enough sunlight to heat Mars' surface, installing greenhouse gas-producing factories to trap solar radiation, and also smashing ammonia-heavy asteroids into the Mars in order to raise the levels of greenhouse gases in order to create the sort of atmosphere habitable for biological life forms. This takes thousands of years to complete, but if we do this, living things such as humans would be able to inhabit Mars, which would be an answer to the overpopulation crisis which we may face in years to come. Indie YOU'RE FINANCIALLY BETTER OFF THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE An eye-opening website called '' can tell you not who the top 100 richest people in the world are, but where YOU are on the list. And you'll be really surprised – while most people in the UK who aren't that well-off or do sometimes struggle with money (say, on £15,000 to £25,000 per year) would consider themselves perhaps in the top 20% of the world's income, you're actually much richer than that proportionally. • • • • If you're a student on about £10,000 per year (less than the UK's minimum wage), you're in the top richest 8.76% in the wortld. If you're on a relatively low-paid job at £15,000 per year (around £7.50 an hour), you're in the top richest 2.94% in the world. If you're on a UK average salary of £20,000 per year, you've made it to the top 1.36% globally. Didn't expect that, did you? And of course, for those with high-paying jobs of £100,000 per year – get ready to be in the top 0.06% of the world's richest people! That's when the average labourer in Ghana makes 6p per hour. Life doesn't feel so bad now, right? Arctic Monkeys kick off their tour On October 22nd Arctic Monkeys started their tour at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena with a 20-song set. Get your tickets for their tour - not to be missed! REGGAE Gentleman's Dub Club Tour Style based in dub, ska and roots in reggae. Expect a high energy show with tight grooves - get your tickets for Electric Brixton now. MORE @GUESTLIST.NET WWW.GUESTLIST.NET/TV See who has been dropping in with us! Gabriel from 'Night Works' Interview Nadine Shah Interview I Am A Camera Interview YOUTUBE CHANNEL "GUESTLIST"

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