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8 TECHNOLOGY Issue 56 / 2013 GET YOUR GAME ON! We check out the latest games for you to while your hours away when you are not out there saving the world. R.I.P FIFA It must be hard being a woman, deciding what heels to buy for the outing in the evening, always making sure your clothes are colour matching, or it's an arrest from the fashion police, and having your boyfriend's full attention. The first two dilemmas' can be solved but the third one will be almost impossible to solve. And why's that? Because Pro 14 has arrived, so sorry ladies your man will be unavailable till New Year! But I highly doubt that Konami is sorry for the inconvenience. Pro have stepped up this year with the explosive graphics, draw dropping skills, and technical finesse that players drop off with ease. SEND GLOBAL REALSMS THAT JUST The game play is exciting like the beautiful plays that you see from a Barcelona and Arsenal side, with exquisite passing and interchanges from defence to attack. They've taken off the annoying auto pass that they've installed recently and put in the True Ball Tech where players conduct amazing control on the ball that leaves you looking in awe, like a cartoon character about to explode. Like many Pro Evolutions before the 2014 edition, Konami needs to work on speed of the passing as it's to slow- it's as if I'm watching a snail in a race with Usain Bolt!. Nevertheless FIFA needs to up their game or I can see Pro Evolution taking back the crown they held in years past. TWERKS (WORKS) APP OF THE p 1 MONTH FROM ONLY F SHTEXT WWW. .COM ENTER GUEST50 AT CHECKOUT TO GET 50% EXTRA FREE ON YOUR FIRST PAYMENT WORDAMENT WORDAMENT Ok, ok, it may not be the coolest game on the market, but it's in close running for the most addictive. This multiplayer word game lets you compete with hundreds of people all over the world in what is essentially a game of online scrabble. Equipped with various challenges you'll soon find your competitive side and will be recruiting 'frenemies' in no time. Still not convinced? Why not just give it a try; it's free and available on Windows, Apple and Android.

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