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January/February 2013

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January/February 2013 Coaching Advice To Help You Build A Winning Program Vol. 27, No. 3 Slash, Go & Roll Provides 3 Options For Efficient Continuity By John Kimble, Former Head Coach, Crestview High School, Crestview, Fla. The SlaSh, Go and Roll is an offense to use against man-to-man defenses and consists of a few simple rules to allow your team to flow through its offense indefinitely. It's perfect to use as part of a half-court game, your last-second offense, a semi-delay game or if your team is in a full-delay situation. Your five offensive players have the opportunity to showcase their perimeter skills as well as their scoring strength from the post areas—this is an equal-opportunity scoring offense. This also means all five players could end up in any of the five positions on the court, so they must be well versed in what you are attempting to accomplish with this offense. The Slash, Go and Roll also is difficult to predict yet easy to install. There are only two real options but several entries to get to those points. The defensive players typically don't know how you are attacking them. With this confusion on the defense's part, the offense has the opportunity to find weak links in the team defense or to attack weak individual defenders. Slash, Go Option The Slash option begins with whoever makes the pass to the wing then making a V-cut through to the opposite elbow and down to the deep corner to set a downscreen. Player Alignment Start from a 3-out, 2-in alignment, which is wide and high on the court. Your point guard (1) is centered halfway between the top of the key and the center jump circle. Use the hashmarks on the sidelines as guidelines for where the wing players initially align. Two players begin in the corner positions, which are located about two feet off the baseline and sideline. Use your true post players (4 and 5 in the diagrams) on the wing to start with your guards (2 and 3) in the corners. They eventually end up switching positions as the action moves ahead. Your team moves into the three possible (Slash, Go, Roll) options within its continuity rules after the initial point-to-wing pass. 1 DIAGRAM 1: Slash Option (A). 1 passes to 4 on the wing. 1 then moves to the opposite elbow of the pass, then to the deep corner. 1 sets a downscreen for 3. The player on the weak-side wing (5) times a V-cut to slash off 1's original V-cut. 5 continues through the lane, looks for the ball and ends on the new ball-side block area. 3 Continued on page 6 Check out our website at PLAY OF THE DAY! Need 3 quick hitters to create efficient scoring opportunities? Of course you do! Check out page 7! —MiCHAel AusTiN, Editor-in-Chief

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