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January/February 2013

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By Michael Austin, Editor-in-Chief IN THE SPRING OF 1991, Grinnell College (Iowa) men's basketball coach David Arseneault wanted to find a way to shake his team's dismal 27-year losing streak. Coming off a 7-15 campaign in 1990-91 after posting a 3-19 mark in his first season, the atmosphere of losing hung over Grinnell. As Arseneault describes in a piece previously written for Winning Hoops (and now reposted on, "We had significant player attrition in the middle of the season. There was also a lack of motivation by the majority of our core players and almost all our role players toward our offseason workout program." Winning just 10 games in two years after a quarter-century of losing takes its toll on players, coaches and fans. Arseneault needed to step out of his comfort zone and completely overhaul his program. He did just that with a high-flying offensive system stressing quick shots, 3-pointers, constant running, full-court pressure and increasing possessions per game. The plan for Grinnell was simple—every possession needed to end in 10 seconds or less, even if it meant giving up an easy hoop at the defensive end. Fast foward to November of 2012. Turn on SportsCenter and there is Grinnell College, a small Division III school in Iowa, featured prominently. Jack Taylor, a 5-foot-10 guard, scores 138 points in a single game and the world of sports talking heads explodes. Some see it as a fantastic accomplishment while many others lament the system is a mockery. The numbers don't lie. In the fall of 1991, Grinnell instituted its new philosophy and ended its 27 consecutive years of losing with an 11-11 record. Since then, the team has 10 winning, seven losing and one .500 season. Arseneault's system isn't for everyone. But he found a style of play to allow his program to succeed, which is what every coach needs to do. Don't be afraid to go against the norm. Forge your own path. It's not all about winning, but coming out victorious goes a long way in making your players, fans and administrators believe in what you are doing. 2 WINNING HOOPS THE FEATURES OFFENSE: Slash, Go & Roll Provides 3 Options For Efficient Continuity__________ 1 OFFENSE: 'Fist' And 'Handoff' Create Post, Perimeter And Mid-Range Shots_____________ 3 DRILLS: Perfect Your Pack Defense With These Individual, Team Drills__________ 4 OFFENSE: Install These 3 Quick Hitters For Efficient Scoring Opportunities________________ 7 COACHING PHILOSOPHY: Creating A Culture Of Toughness________________________________ 10 OFFENSE: Run Sets From A 1-3-1, 1-4 Or 1-2-2 Look In The Italy Offense____________ 12 DRILLS: 'Quick Shot' Drill Doesn't End Until 100 Foul-Line Jump Shots Are Made_________ 14 THE BLACKBOARD Multiple-Option 3-Pointer_______________________ 15 'Basic' Box For 3-Pointer_______________________ 15 Baseline Double Screen_______________________ 16 Zipper Philly_________________________________ 16 Box Inbound Vs. Zone_________________________ 16 Managing Editor: WINNING HOOP TEAM Kevin Hoffman, Advertising Sales: Brian Virgona, Publisher: Matt McCallum, Director of Media Services: Kimberly Baker, Multimedia Designer: Follow Us on Twitter Develop A Winning Plan—As Grinnell Did CONTENTS Find Us on Facebook THE FRONT COURT Greg Ryan, Copy Editor Abby Heugel, Digital Engagement Editor: Courtney Culey, Events and Marketing Manager: Sara Middlebrook, Circulation: Erica Bernard, Accounting/Billing: Sally Ostman, For print and digital advertising inquiries, call Brian Virgona at 616-887-9008, ext. 153, or email WINNING HOOPS (ISSN 0893-6439) is published in Jan./Feb., Mar./Apr., May,/Jun., Jul./Aug., Sept./Oct., Nov./Dec. by Great American Media Services Inc., 75 Applewood Dr., Suite A, Sparta, Michigan 49345. Copyright 2013 by Great American Media Services Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publisher. North American subscriptions: $44.95 for 1 year. $79.95 for 2 years. $99.95 for 3 years. Write for foreign rates. Periodicals postage paid at Sparta, MI and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER send address changes to: WINNING HOOPS, P.O. Box 128, Sparta, Michigan 49345. Telephone: 616-887-9008. Fax: 616-887-2666. Email address: January/February 2013

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