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2014 Partyware Licensing List

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Dinosaur Train Amscan/Anagram: Foil balloons Disney Baby Mickey Pioneer Balloon Co: Latex and Bubble Balloons Disney Cars Dream Party Hallmark Party: Tableware, party décor, accessories, party games, candles, stickers, and piñatas Disney Doc McStuffins Amscan/Anagram: Party Disney Baby Minnie decorations, favors, piñatas, Scene Pioneer Balloon Co: Latex and Setters, stickers, foil balloons Bubble Balloons Hallmark Party: Tableware, party Creative Converting Disney Brave décor, accessories, party games Amscan/Anagram: Party and stickers Cinderella decorations, favors, Pioneer Balloon Co.: Latex and Amscan/Anagram: Party foil balloons Bubble Balloons decorations, favors, piñatas, Hallmark Party: Tableware, party Unique (Canada only): foil balloons décor, stickers and accessories Tableware, latex balloons, Hallmark Party: Tableware, party Pioneer Balloon Co: party favors, gift bags, gift décor, stickers and accessories Latex balloons wrap, party decorations Pioneer Balloon Co.: Latex and Unique (Canada Only): (U.S.): Piñatas, party tote bag Bubble Balloons Tableware, plastic cup, party Disney Frozen Unique (Canada only): tote bag. (U.S.): Party tote bag Amscan/Anagram: Party Tableware, plastic cup, tiara Disney Cars decorations, favors, piñatas, Scene (U.S. only): Party tote bag Amscan/Anagram: Scene Setters, stickers, foil balloons Collegiate Schools Setters, stickers, foil balloons Hallmark Party: Tableware, party Creative Converting: Tableware Pioneer Balloon Co.: Latex and décor, accessories, party games and crepe streamers Bubble Balloons and stickers Pioneer Balloon Co.: Curious George Disney Cars — 1st Birthday Latex balloons Unique: Tableware, party Amscan/Anagram: Party decorations, piñatas, foil balloons, decorations, favors, foil balloons Disney Malificent latex balloons, gift wrap, party Hallmark Party: Tableware, party Amscan/Anagram: Foil balloons tote bag, party favors décor and accessories Despicable Me 2 Unique: Tableware, party decorations, gift bags, gift wrap, piñatas, party favors, latex balloons, foil balloons Diary of a Wimpy Kid Amscan/Anagram: Foil balloons Dino Dan Pioneer Balloon Co: Foil, latex and Bubble Balloons Disney's Cars 2 Amscan/Anagram: Party decorations, favors, piñatas, foil balloons Unique (Canada only): Tableware, accessories, party favors, gift wrap, gift bags, latex balloons, piñatas, tote bag (U.S.): Party decorations, piñatas, cake décor, favors, party tote bag 38 | December 2013 | AMSCAN

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