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14 FASHION lad pants undies for the men Guys need underwear too - with winter approaching, going commando is not an option. Here are some great places to get some sexy, simple and sophisticated pants which won't cost you a fotune. It shouldn't have to be just the girls who make an effort in terms of bedroom attire. The modern man (whether he be straight, gay, bi or just metrosexual) says goodbye to the old, traditional values of "my sexual partner can make all the effort but I'll just turn up in some Primark Boxers." But it's not just about giving your partner a treat. Nice clothes, inside or out, can make you feel unbelievably sexy. What's more, some of the truly out-there men's lingerie on websites such as Homme Mystere really give your man parts some breathing space. Take the C-string, for example (which does actually exist; have a guess as to what the C stands for), which gives you lots of room to manoeuvre, along with the normal men's G-strings which can be quickly ripped off for easy access on a steamy night of passion! I'm sure loads of guys out there will think, "Nah, I ain't wearing girl's underwear" - but just remember, it's not actually "girl's underwear", it's just underwear which is only girly because not enough guys wear it. Think about the first girl who wore jeans - I'm sure she felt a bit odd at first, but it turned out to be revolutionary and now it's just normal. Take your manly courage and use it to bring out your feminine side! Issue 57 / 2013

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