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HOUSE / TECHNO Issue 57 / 2013 19 7 IEW V ER T IN Quenum The artist who founded Cadenza with Luciano, co-composed "Orange Mistake", one of the most successful techno tracks of the decade and has released EPs on Crosstown Rebels, Rebellion and Get Physical among many others, touches down with Joe Le Groove. Joe Le Groove | Your new album entitled Face To Face is out at the end of this month can you tell us the concept of the album and how long it took to put it together? Today, we released the title track Face to Face, and the remix of Face to Face by Cassy, and another track called 5am. For the album, I followed my inspiration, and the music I really love and all the different influences that have made an impression on me during my career. It's not a linear process, it's not like I sat down and decided to do an album and just did it. I make a lot of music and I don't release all of it. So I had a lot of tracks I rediscovered, and re-worked them, plus some new stuff I made for the album. You set up the night Cadenza records with your long time friend Luciano, do you have any plans to release any more music on the imprint? I'm really proud of what Luciano and I did together on Cadenza, obviously Orange Mistake is a huge track. But I've moved on and I'm really busy with my album and all the other projects. it soon…I'm releasing music on Audiofly in early 2014, also I'm busy with my own label Clapper. As I'm about to release my first solo album, I really want to put a lot of energy in it, and do tours and gigs to bring this music to a wide audience. What artists do you currently think are making waves? When I'm on tour I will be playing a DJ set. You have had quite a diverse upbringing in where you have been and where you have lived. Do you think that is an important factor for people to travel and experience different cultures and music traditions to fully develop " I think that ignorance is what makes people scared so the more varied the experience, the better it is " You are obviously working closely with Cesare Vs Disorder, what other collaborations and projects have you got on the go? I'm really happy to be working with Cesare Vs Disorder and we also have another project together called Azimute…you'll hear more about I appreciate a lot Jin Choi (Berlin) and Cesare Vs Disorder. Of course, I also really like the artists I chose to do the remixes for my album and I'm very happy about their support. When you are on tour will you be playing a DJ set or live? themselves as an artist? I think it's quite a personal question. For myself, I feel very lucky I had such a multi-cultural upbringing, and it's defined what kind of artist I am. I was born in France, of a Caribbean mother and West-African father. We lived in France and then in Africa. In my family tree there's all kinds of people, from Spain and Brittany, Africa and even a native American. I feel it's made me very open-minded. I think that ignorance is what makes people scared, so the more varied the experience, the better it is. This diversity has been a major influence for my music and also my everyday life. If you had to produce any other music beisdes house and techno what would it be? What kind of other music besides house and techno would I do ? Hiphop fusion with my son! Actually it's not a joke, we worked on one track of the album together. Who has been the biggest single influence for you where music is concerned? Fela Ransome Kuti Quenum/286291779457

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