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GUESTLIST Issue 57 / 2013 NEWS FLASH GOOD NEWS THE BIG ISSUE with the Big Issue HIPHOP HipHop Karaoke London @ The Social Every Thursday No longer do you have to live out your Drake, Snoop Dogg or Eve fantasies in the shower. London's The Social hosts a weekly Hip Hop Karaoke Thursdays with the Southern Hospitality DJs welcoming all comers to try and pick up the mic and channel their inner rap star. Do it if you dare. House BecomING one of the greats Every town and city in this country will know what the big issue magazine is. Most think of it as a way for homeless people to try and get money off them. Yet, in reality it is a safety net for thousands of homeless people in England. Speaking to a vendor in Brighton, I ask what is the hardest thing about the job. He explained 'I had a job, but the place closed down, The Big Issue has literally saved my life. But, some people don't treat me like a human and that painful.' The Big Issue costs the vendor £1.25 and they sell it for £2.50. They must have strong business skills to not lose money from their job. Next time you see a Big Issue vendor, think: they are paying for the magazines they don't sell, it is their job... be nice and buy one or two :) 3 7 MK MK smashed Troupe again after a headline debut performance at Sankey's, Ibiza this summer. It has been an incredible year for this pioneer of the new house sound, with hits including the Electricity EP, "Look Right Through" and "Summer Sadness". Some who saw MK playing for Troupe at Electric Brixton did not known what they were in for. If you did make it... lucky you! Indie MS MR That is the simplest way to explain the Internet media Entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, whose company SB.TV was valued at £8 million and continues growing. It seems nothing can stop the 23-year-old who started filming his friends who were MCs on the Acton estates of London. His YouTube channel has amassed over 150 million views, and with over 130,000 followers on his personal Twitter page, he is endorsed as one of the most influential people in music-media and said to be the next Simon Cowell. From the tender age of 16 he founded SB.TV (SmokeyBarzTV after his previous rap name), the UK's leading online youth broadcaster, with a camera he got for Christmas. Today he owns a record label called Just Jam, a subsidiary of Sony, and is credited with helping singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran establish his career early on. SB.TV's goal is to empower young, hungry UK artists on their own terms through services including broadcasting, production, editorials, merchandise and live events. With supporters like Richard Branson and Chad Hurley, and even the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, all we ask is how did this 21 year old beat the big names in the music industry and what is next for the young entrepreneur? A duo based in New York and have had a few great singles with "Hurricane" and "Fantasy" coming to mind. We hope you had tickets to their show at Shepherds Bush Empire on 5th November! It was fireworks night - it sure was an explosive and sparkling evening. Reggae Cornell Campbell & The Soothsayers On Sunday the 24th November 2013, you could do a lot worse than to come down and see Cornell Campbell live from Jamaica at his finest at Camden Towns Jazz Cafe where we really hope he will be singing all of our favourite songs but we know he will be dropping his big tunes! See who has been dropping in with us! Interview Killaflaw Yungen Interview U-God Interview youtube channel "Guestlist"

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