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34 REGGAE / DANCE HALL Album of the month Raphael - Mind vs. Heart (NOAM) Issue 57 / 2013 GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS CornelL Campbell In his new album, Mind vs. Heart, Raphael comes across as having a strong roots signature. There is a consistent 80s, Steel Pulse feel, with a touch of Greensleeves, throughout this album. Combined with some Nu Roots and Dancehall, Raphael's music is surprisingly timeless and eclectic. Overall, it's the kind of music that reminds you of a glorious sunny day, where you have that silly persistent grin on your face. Nonetheless, Raphael's music carries a message that comes across nicely in this album named after an endless spiritual struggle between the intellect and the soul. Personal favourites: Laid back, Inna Dis Ya Time, Time. His recent release with Dubconductor alongside Wayne McArthur has reminded us what an amazing voice Cornel Campbell has. After seeing him last summer at the Garance Reggae Festival (South of France), I can safely assert that Cornel Campbell has one of the most intriguing, distinctive voices in the history of reggae. The sweetness of his highpitched voice has proven to be able to go beyond the sort of lovers' rock and soft roots that he sung in the early 1980s. His collaboration with Rhythm & Sounds for "King In My Empire" resulted in an uplifting tune with a deep, hypnotic and rhythmic session. The same kind of effect was generated by Sip A Cup's production, Rock My Soul, an absolute killer in my opinion. However, we must not forget the young Cornel Campbell's iconic tunes such as "Blessed Are They" with Trojan Records or his more dubwise "My Country". Although he has been around for quite a while now, he still keeps us rocking with his soothing voice. OUR PLAYLIST We present you with 4 of the hottest tracks right now... Lancy Ranki Love Jah Johnny Clarke Intruder Dennis Brow Cheater Black Uhuru Sorry For The Man

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