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Clustering 13 CLUSTERING Intel is the leading vendor of Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementations and tools. The ease of use of the Intel® MPI Library and related tools, such as Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector, extends from the Intel® Xeon® architecture to the Intel® Many Integrated Core (Intel® MIC) architecture. With MPI, Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor acts as a network node, providing: • Optimized MPI application performance • Cluster and hybrid computing • Thread parallelism • Load balancing • Automatic and application-specific tuning • Industry leading low latency • Interconnect independence and runtime selection For in-depth coverage, view the webinar: Message Passing Interface (MPI) on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor webinar » Applications CFD Crash Climate QCD BIO Other... Develop applications for one fabric Intel® MPI Library Select interconnect fabric at runtime TCP/IP Myrinet Infiniband IWARP Shared Memory ...Other Networks Fabrics Cluster Intel® MPI library eliminates the need to develop, maintain, and test applications running on multiple fabrics. For more information regarding performance and optimization choices in Intel® software products, visit: Privacy | Terms of Use | Learn More

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