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INTRODUCTION Hello there. I'm Kathy Ralph and this little book "LOVE POEMS FROM MY SOUL" contains a collection of twenty three poems I have written about love. Wow did I write all them? However I put pen to paper as I felt at the time. Some, when the first flush of love entered my heart. Some when I was in a state of exhilaration. Some, when I was heartbroken and love failed miserably. They speak of wanting to find some love, finding love, unrequited love and of course being crossed by love. I am sure you will enjoy them and hope that, some of them may reach you, reminding you of a time when you experienced a similar feeling. They may indeed illustrate to you, that as we travel through our lives we are all faced with events that pull on our heart strings. Just maybe some could help you with a problem of the heart that you may be struggling with. I certainly do not profess to be a professional writer. I am just a person, much like you, who has placed some thoughts and feelings on paper, These poems are indeed from my soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed (well sometimes anyway) creating them. May you find and keep the love you deserve. My best regards to you. © Kathy Ralph Page | 2

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