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WE DON'T DO ENOUGH ANYMORE A big complaint, was that we don't, Do what we like much more. Work and life has made it hard, To do what we did, before. Weeks just fly, and pass us by, Many chores, and not much fun. No idle days, as one in bed, No bike rides, in the sun. The baths have gone, the candles too, No spaghetti, with one fork. The music's gone the TV's on, The TV stopped the talk. We both missed, the nights we kissed, The Jaffa's shared, are gone. The dreams and plans are cast aside, The passion has passed on. Our soul mate days are sadly missed, A repair job had to start. In the end we worked it out, The answer; live apart. Because we loved those times so much, When we were ten feet tall, We've fixed it now by splitting up, And, do none of it at all. (That'll fix it!!) © Kathy Ralph Page | 24

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