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POOLS ARE MEANT TO BE FUN NOT A CHORE AND A BORE In this little pool booklet we will show you how easy it is to look after Your Pool. I certainly do not want to baffle you with science. I simply want to give you a basic understanding of your pool water and its requirements to enable you to have an enjoyable and sanitary relationship with your pool. Introduction You know, pool care is really not rocket science. I agree that, it can be overwhelming if you have never owned a swimming pool before. Even if you have owned a pool for some time it can still be trying and I can completely understand your concerns. You know, when I entered the pool industry over 25years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about swimming pools. I was literally thrown in the deep end and I suspect that is how you are feeling. Long chemical names, hundreds of products, equipment you've never seen in your life before. Is that how you feel? Well stress no more. I am going to make it so simple that you will wonder why you have been worrying about it. 4

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