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About Pools Firstly, I must explain that when a pool builder builds your pool he is the manufacturer of a vessel that holds water....that's all! Some pool builders run an after care pool service but not many of them. He is usually not interested in what you do or do not put in it afterwards. The way I like to explain it is like thisYou purchase a really great looking late model brand new motor vehicle. Whether you check the oil, tyre pressure, oil filters, or water is of no interest whatsoever to the sales person who sold you the vehicle. They have no interest if you park your car by the sea and allow salt spray to affect the new shiny paint work and that beautiful shiny chrome. They don't care if you litter the whole car with empty soft drink cans, cigarette butts or allow your pets drop hair all over your beautiful upholstery interior. They don't care if you bump it scrape it, run out of petrol or lose your keys. It is of no concern to the salesman who sold you the vehicle or the company that manufactured the car. Right? It is no different with swimming pools. The builder is not interested in whether you are going to look after your pool water, keep it sanitised, free from pollutants, stop staining, keep the filter clean, make sure the pump is doing its job, stop the dog from swimming in it or litter it with empty soft drink cans. If you purchased a property with an existing swimming pool, the vendor or person that sold it to you doesn't care either. But, I bet the real estate salesman and or the people who sold you the property didn't leave you any instructions! If they did, then you are truly lucky! Am I right again? Well worry no more. This little booklet is going to show you how looking after your pool is as easy as 1 2 3. I promise you. 5

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