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Some Curly Questions How do I test my pool water? The best way is to have it professionally tested by your Pool Professional! It's usually free. Your Pool Professional will often even provide you with a water test bottle especially for this purpose. You take about 500ml of your pool water (that you have taken from elbow length below the surface of your Pool or Spa/Hot Tub) from your pool. Hand it over and they will analyse it for you. Do NOT leave your water sample in a hot vehicle. If the water gets hot the results will be horribly affected!! If you really want to do it yourself you can purchase a 4 in1 test kit. It has all the little tablets and liquids (reagents) for you to conduct a little chemistry experiment. It must be noted that you should keep those reagents refrigerated or they may break down and give you incorrect readings. It tests pH, Chlorine, Total Alkalinity but you will still need your Pool Professional to advise whether you have enough Pool Stabiliser in your pool and at what level your hardness is at. Of course if you really are a chemistry nut and want to purchase a stabiliser test kit and hardness test kit then you can do that as well. I have an easier way! Purchase a bottle of Pool Check test strips. These are fantastic. They are litmus paper. Dip one into the pool water and it will instantly advise you of the amount of chlorine in your pool, your pH and Total Alkalinity levels. If they are all okay no problem. If they are not take your water sample to your Pool Professional for further advice. Nothing could be simpler. Of course there are Pool Check strips and kits available for other tests including hardness, bromine, stabiliser, and salt - but let's get the basics right first. Agree? 33

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