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CONTENTS Cover image: Artistic view of the Higgs Field Image provided by CERN http://home.web.cern.ch/ Last year, researchers at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, said they observed a particle that may be the Higgs Boson. The particle is a missing link in the Standard Model, a theory explaining how the universe is built, and its existence would help scientists gain a better understanding of how galaxies hold together. INTRODUCTION 04 Working towards integrated thinking to solve challenges. . ANDY DAVIDS TALKS TALL BUILDINGS 06 Tall buildings are a palpable link to our desire to go faster, higher and longer. . OFF-GRID RENEWABLES FOR MINING 08 P ROGRAMME MANAGEMENT 10 Renewable energy is an important energy supply for large electricity consumers worldwide. Building a human legacy. DATA CENTRES CRITICAL TO BUSINESS 14 THERMAL FATIGUE UNDERSTANDING THE RISK 18 24 Exceptional risk management sees data centres delivered to highest standards. Expert structural integrity analysis is helping asset owners better understand the risk of damage to infrastructure. HYPERLOOP THE FIFTH TRANSPORT MODE? What the future of transport might look like. HUMAN SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT 26 28 AIRPORT TERMINALS DESIGNING FOR PROFIT Great design has the potential to significantly alter the profit equation of an airport. SUPPLY CHAIN VALUE 36 Upgrading an informal settlement delivers community housing benefits in South Africa's Western Cape region. Improvement in operational efficiency of supply chains for resources companies is critical. RECONCILIATION STRATEGY Western Cape Water Supply System. 42

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