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SAP HANA and Intel® Distribution of Apache Hadoop for SAP Software "With the Intel® Distribution Contributing to the Open Source Community of Apache Hadoop*, SAP Intel has proven its commitment to open source with a decade of contributions to Linux,* KVM, Xen, OpenStack, and other projects. Intel strives to participate as a HANA* can not only execute good citizen of each community while advancing project goals. Intel contributes and federated queries on diverse data maintains code that enables operating environments to derive maximum benefit from the underlying hardware and delivers exceptional user experiences. Intel is equally stores—whether transactional committed to supporting the Apache Hadoop community, such as Project Rhino, or analytical, structured or with code and collaboration. unstructured—but do so with What Can Big Data Do for You? data protection mechanisms that A few examples from the field protect the confidentiality and Make smarter, faster decisions through •Reduce customer churn by integrity of the data through real-time analysis and reporting, analyzing call center logs and combined with dramatically accelerated product plans in real time hardware-enhanced encryption." business processes. – Girish Juneja, CTO, Datacenter Software Division, and General Manager, Big Data and Intel® Expressway Service Gateway, Intel Corporation •Target marketing campaigns by analyzing customer data with sentient intelligence •Ensure timely compliance with regulations by analyzing SEC files and account data in real time •Optimize demand and supply forecast by tracking inventory in real time •Improve loyalty by analyzing satisfaction and performance •Offer personalized treatment in real time based on patient history and trial data 240 210 180 150 120 90 60 Baseline Configuration Elapsed Time (Minutes) Shown to improve 1 Terabyte sort from 4 hours to 7 minutes ~50% Improved ~80% Improved ~50% Improved 30 ~40% Improved 15 0 Intel® Xeon® 5690 7200 HDD 1GbE Adapter 2 Intel® Xeon® E-2690 processor Intel® SSD 520 Series Intel® 10GbE Adapters Intel® technologies deliver significant incremental boosts to maximize performance.2 Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software

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