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WHITE PAPER Shift Your Business into a Higher Gear Intel® and SAP deliver the first true real-time business platform EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Periodically, a technological breakthrough emerges that delivers such fundamental advantages over existing technologies that it opens the door to new business models that simply were not possible before. The SAP HANA® platform, which enables real-time business, delivers such a breakthrough. Developed collaboratively by Intel and SAP and powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, this unique in-memory platform allows businesses to make complex, data-driven decisions in seconds rather than hours or days to drive new intelligence into real-time business processes on an enterprise scale. Many SAP customers have achieved query performance gains as high as 10,000 times by using SAP HANA in place of—or alongside of—their legacy databases. They are using this breakthrough capability in many different ways, such as completing financial closes in seconds, identifying complex sales trends in real time to optimize pricing and promotions, personalizing cancer treatments through rapid genomic analysis, and analyzing remote sensor data to enable predictive maintenance of customer equipment. SAP HANA can be used as the underlying database for SAP® Business Suite applications to provide a complete, real-time business platform. It can also support massive, enterprise-scale data warehouses. With either approach, or both, customers can integrate real-time insights into their most critical business processes. From market segmentation and customer engagements to supply chain, inventory, and financial management—complete, real-time information and predictive analytics can help to produce better outcomes. This white paper provides an overview of SAP HANA. It describes how the SAP HANA platform takes advantage of the advanced, enterprise-class capabilities of the Intel Xeon processor E7 family to break down long-standing technology barriers and deliver transformative business value. This paper also provides information on deployment and support options that can help businesses achieve fast time to value for specified business capabilities, at a fixed cost and with predictable timelines.

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