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What if a child is older and doesn't like to read? 1. Read aloud and read often. Older children will also enjoy reading with you. They will appreciate that special time with you at the end of the day. Encourage them to read a favourite story to you. Children need practice both as readers and listeners. Ask them to help by reading to younger children. 2. Encourage them to write the shopping list and read it to you as you shop. Make it their special responsibility. Don't forget to praise them and thank them for their effort. 3. Ask them to read a recipe to you as you prepare a meal and encourage them to help with the preparation. Children need to understand that we require reading skills for all sorts of daily activities. 4. Ask them to read emails or Facebook messages. Encourage them to write you an email or a letter with their birthday or Christmas wish list. 5. Offer them the comic pages from the newspaper when you are reading it. Give as many opportunities as possible to practice reading and comprehension skills. 6. Buy a children's joke book and have a family comedy evening with your child performing as the comedian. Buy magic tricks and encourage them to learn the tricks and put on a show for the family. 7. Play scrabble and do crossword puzzles. This strengthens their literacy skills. Remember never to chastise their efforts. 8. Allow them to choose their own books that suit their personal interests. 14

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