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• Watching violent acts can result in children showing aggressive behaviour, or create fear that the world is a scary place. They can become desensitised to violence and more aggressive. Remember that many violent acts on TV are instigated by the good guys. The bad guys are not always held responsible or punished for their violent acts. In America it is estimated that children will be exposed to some 200,000 violent acts on TV by the time they turn 18! • Telling a young child that it is make believe doesn't work because they cannot yet distinguish between fantasy and reality. Behaviour problems, sleeping problems and nightmares can result. • TV characters often show risky behaviours, and can re-enforce male/ female roles or racial stereotypes. These behaviours include such things as drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking, and pre-marital sex. These behaviours are depicted as cool, fun, and exciting. Usually there is no discussion as to the consequences of the behaviours. Finally It is extremely important to remind ourselves that the ability to read is not only about books. It is also about the ability to read a recipe, read the instructions on medicine bottles, learn the road rules and ultimately sit the driver's licence test, confidentially fill out an application for employment, read instructions for installing a new piece of electronic equipment, reading road signs and maps, understanding legal documents, communicating with friends through the likes of Facebook and emails. The list goes on! Being unable to read is somewhat similar to being dropped in a foreign country that doesn't speak your language. It can be a very scary experience. Prepare for the future by encouraging reading at an early age. Good luck! 17

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