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Preview Pages are random pages only Happy Birthday The lights of the theatre beamed down like a thousand suns, they left no shadows to hide in. The life illuminated under the thousand suns was screaming silently, in agony and anguish. Heat permeated from the thousand suns. The heat was not warming, it felt cold and threatening. White masked attendants stood as if accusers, they appeared to have little or no concern for the trauma wracked mind and body of the girl they gazed upon. They all knew that a new life was about to burst fiercely and angrily into this cold and sterile world. There were no warm hands to hold; no loving comforting touch of the human kind, only accusing eyes hidden behind white sterile masks. These eyes had seen it many times before. They had watched numerous young girls, frightened and desperate, their young bodies unmercifully punishing them for the mistakes they had made. As she lay there, she could almost read their minds. "Yes dear it hurts and it hurts twice as much if you are not married." She frantically felt the need to somehow defend herself, to be allowed to tell her side of the story. Perhaps then she would discover a warm heart, a little empathy, or maybe a little love from the cold accusing eyes. For nine months she had known it would come to pass. She had done her time, alone and isolated as surely as if she were locked within a prison cell. She had passed her time, longing and dreaming for a miracle. A miracle that would alter the circumstances and allow her to awaken from this nightmare she was so trapped within. For her there was no escape. This was solitary confinement. Unable to find anyone to understand, to help or to care, she had made the journey alone. For eight hours she lay confined to the practical and uncomfortable bed, her legs tied up in stirrups and her body writhing under the thousand suns. Pain swept over her at unwelcome intervals. They were as regular as waves on a storm ravaged beach. Grey and desolate. When she thought she could endure the punishment no longer, the doors of her tiny sterile world burst open. There he stood resplendent in green. His eyes were not those of an accuser. His to her were the eyes of a saviour. "It is going to be alright I am with you now," were the only words he spoke. Page | 5

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