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A Letter to God My Dear God Can you tell me what I have done to make you so angry with me? Why is it that you seem to give to me and then quickly take away? I know you are my Lord, my Saviour, so I am begging you to save me by showing me how to overcome these feelings of despair that overwhelm me. Please dear God, can you look at me and know I have had as much as I can bare. This little Ox, who is your child, is tired. I need you to pick me up in your strong arms and cradle me like the child I am. Lord I am trying to learn, I am trying to give love to others, I really am trying to do as you teach, but God I am a mortal and sure to make mistakes. Lead me in peace and love. Show me how to accept the things I cannot change. Please, please dear God take away this desperate need in me, show me how to stop wanting, to stop expecting things, help me to trust. Dear God I'm not complaining about my life, for I am the daughter of a King and you my Father. I love you dear Father and I know that following in the footsteps of a King is a hard road. I don't mind the bumps along the road dear Father, but I am only little and I need the security of your arms to rest in sometimes. What I am really trying to ask Dear God, is please, just this once, wipe the tears from my face, and allow me to have the love you have always promised me. Then you see my dear Father you will have given me the strength to carry on again. Your love will give me once again the strength to climb the hurdles on the highway to heaven. I will never ask you again Dear God, for I only need it just this once. Love Your Little Girl © Copyright Kathy Ralph Page | 8

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