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On a Strong Team Everyone Pulls Together It was bitterly cold outside. The frost bitten grass crunched beneath her feet as she walked across the well-manicured lawn. Damn, she thought as the cold steel of her car door bit into the warmth of her hands. "Gloves, I'd better go back into the house and get them, it's going to be a long hard day at the football today." As she placed the cold hard steel of her key into the brass lock of the front door, she could hear the phone ringing in the lounge room. Its sound echoed mournfully through the cold dark house crying for attention. She swore again, and pulling at her heavy coat she ran hurriedly to pick up the crying attention seeker from its cradle. What was it she wondered, about telephones that made you jump to attention, they demanded an instant response regardless of what you were doing. Damn them she thought as she pounced onto the phone and snatched it from its cradle, instantly silencing it. "Hello." was all she said. "Hi it's just me," the masculine voice drawled on the other end of the life line, "What are you doing?" "I'm damn well running out of this God forsaken cold house into the damn frosty morning, so I can get to work at your damn football club and earn some money to pay our rent seeing you can't be bothered working, what the hell do you want?" "Don't be like that Sis, I got you that job remember." "Okay Darren what do you want? Hurry up." Babe, can you bring a flask of that soup you made last night to the game with you? It's bloody freezing down here. "No way Darren, what is it with you? You left here not long ago; can't you open the damn fridge and get your own bloody soup?" "Oh come on Babe, do it for your little brother…please!" Already she could feel her defenses melting. How she loved her big no hoping gorgeous little brother. She smiled as her thoughts wandered quickly to his cheeky grin and the photo of him looking so devastated and morose when their parents were buried. These thoughts pulled on her heart strings; someone had to look after him. "I tell you what Sis; you know it's a big game here today. Remember it's the finals, the Eagles against the Panthers. I know how you adore the Eagle's fullback Grant Thomas…ooh Sis has got the hots for Grant Thomas." She couldn't help but laugh as he teased her. "Bring me the soup and I'll make sure you meet your hero. Okay?" Page | 16

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