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Dear Prime Minister A ten year old boy writes a letter to the Prime Minister. Dear Mr. Prime Minister My name is Steve I am in grade 5 at school. Our school is new and it is very good. We have a new pool. This year we are getting sheds to change in. When I grow up I want to be a solicitor. Dad says law is good. Thank you for being our Prime Minister and looking after us all. Mum helped me with this. Love Steve. Here is his reply: Dear Steve Thank you for your letter. I enjoyed reading about your school and I hope you enjoyed swimming in the new pool during summer. I hope the changing sheds are finished this year. Law is a very interesting and worthwhile career which I am sure you will find enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for having faith in me as your Prime Minister. I always try to do my best for our wonderful country. Best wishes for your future years at school and university. Yours sincerely The Prime Minister. It was of no concern to the child whether the Prime Minister actually wrote the letter, or even if he cared. What does it matter? He wrote the letter and the Prime Minister answered. Steve was full of pride. The Prime Minister was his hero, a person to be respected, and a leader of a great nation, a true and honest person. He trusted him only second to his own father. What really matters is that Steve felt acknowledged by his mentor and in his eyes his new friend. At Sixteen He Wrote Dear Prime Minister I have had to leave school because my Mum needs money because my Dad has gone. I have a job at the little Pizza shop just down the road. It's not too bad, but it looks as though I won't be going to university to study law after all. I thought you might like to know that I thought maybe I could get a job later with the Federal Police. It would be the next best thing to law, wouldn't it? If I can't because of my education and all, maybe I could get a job with Customs. Thank you for looking after our beautiful country and us. Yours Sincerely Steve There was no reply. Page | 21

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