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For My Son and His Wife It is hard to believe that I was once a little child who needed my teddy and my pet cat. It's hard to believe I grew from a young girl who spent her whole time absorbed by her teddy and cat, and making huts in trees, to someone who matured and gave birth to a much desired child. It was you my Son. To you: I loved you the first time I ever saw you as you took your first breath. I loved you as I saw you take your first step and say your first word. I loved how you loved visiting your Aunties and Uncles and their children your cousins. I loved you when you let me dress you in those Bay City Rollers Clothes…we were hip then were we not? Of course you don't remember, but I do. I loved you when you threw tantrums because you didn't want to put your toys away. I loved how happy you always seemed to be. I loved how you always wanted a cake that looked like a house on every one of your birthdays. I loved you when you sold all your old toys and bought me a cane washing basket with the money… and I still have it, all these years later. I loved how you loved all animals, and how you wouldn't go to the zoo because you felt sorry for the animals. A visit to the zoo made you cry. I loved it when I saw the smile on your face when you caught your first fish - Jaws Trout. I was proud of you when you started earning your own money. I loved you when I taught you to drive. I was proud of your achievements in the many sports you chose to participate in. I loved you when I saw you hurting, and I felt inadequate and sad the times I had to allow you, to fight your own battles. I thought you were most handsome young man I had ever seen, the night you went to your high school formal. I missed you and cried when you joined the air force, and I loved you when you came back. I loved you the day when I felt your whiskers on my face and I realized you had become a man, not my little boy anymore. Page | 34

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