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WebMD sets the record straight about the most common misconceptions about cold and flu. (Also: What's your secret?) WHEN IT'S NOT A cold... IF YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR INTO COLD AND FLU SEASON WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN YOUR HOUSE SUCCUMBING TO THE FAMILIAR CHORUS OF SNEEZES AND SNIFFLES, CONGRATULATIONS! Even if you've dodged the bullet so far, inevitably, someone is going to come home from school or work with that telltale sick look in their eyes and the age-old complaints of stuffy nose and irritating cough. How can you tell if it's just a cold, or something that warrants a trip to the doctor? A cold can be irritating. It can last seemingly forever. And it can make you feel really, really bad. But by itself it is rarely serious, and there's very little a doctor can do to treat you besides suggesting rest, fluids and pain relievers. Its symptoms — congestion, fever, runny nose, general malaise — can look a lot like other illnesses, especially these:

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