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2 GUESTLIST Issue 58 / 2013 GOOD NEWS NEWS FLASH DRUM & BASS Have you got your golden ticket? In light of a successful response from Danny Byrds 'Golden Ticket' earlier this year, Hospital Records brings us a special remixed album of garage tracks. Legends in the scene, Wookie and MC Majestic join Mr Byrd for some old skool flavour. HIPHOP Beyonce' drops unexpected album PRODUCTION, CONSUMPTION AND SALE OF MARIJUANA NOW LEGAL IN URUGUAY From April 2014 residents of Uruguay can consume, buy and grow marijuana without being labelled a criminal. Uruguay is the first nation to take the big step in changing the controversial law about weed. For a change, the law is now creating another sense of freedom rather than creating restrictions. The purpose of this is to kick out drug cartels and try a new angle at fighting the war on drugs. Of course, many people are seeing this as a negative and think Uruguay is creating more problems. Opposition member, Alfredo Solari said Uruguay should not "experiment" on its people. However I've always been one for science and wouldn't complain if David Cameron experimented on us! However, a Uruguayan said "The president is doing what needs to be done". Facts show that this movement should make the streets safer and provide a new source of income for what looks like a good government! We think you should know that the president of Uruguay, José Mujica, is known as one of "The world's poorest president" for living a humble life in a farm house and driving a Beetle. If only presidents took a leaf out of his book. RICHARD BRANSON SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THE US WAR ON DRUGS BEING "A RACIST WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE" The queen of pop shows just why she's wearing the crown by surprising the nation with an album released via itunes; a move to bring her music to her fans when she wants to and how she wants to. The self-titled album, reached more than 800,000 downloads in just 3 days. HOUSE ROCKIN DA HOUSE! The UK's bringing something truely memorable this month. The biggest two worldwide EDM DJ's, Tiesto and Calvin Harris team up for their new UK tour across 6 cities, kicking off the 17th Dec in Belfast. INDIE The Lighthouse and the Whaler Billionaire and founder of Virgin group voiced what a lot of people have been thinking, that America's drug policy is a racist war on black people. Richard Branson has written an open letter calling on US political parties to back the legalisation of marijuana. This is because he passionately feels the system is racist. The intelligent entrepreneur states the fact "85 percent of people who go to prison for drug use in America, are black people". And that "1.5 million people are languishing in jail for taking drugs". He clearly states how he finds this wrong and that it needs to be stopped. Why we love Branson is because the opinions that he is expressing is full of sense, he said "Those people would be much better being out in society, being helped if they have drug problem, getting off the problem." Sir Branson's journey has begun to stop wast- ing tax payer's money (1.5 billion pounds to be specific) on failed policies on the war against drugs. He is right in saying that it is a "depressing" amount of money. Especially if you think about how that money could be used productively! Another reason to have Branson's back is because of the recent outrageous drug raid on a US school. A staggering amount of students were arrested by undercover cops who were posing as students from the start of the year. Instead of tackling and teaching the problem, they think it is a better idea to expose the young to an even more dangerous environment! Ridiculous. We're just happy someone is addressing this problem! The Cleveland band put the Christ back into Christmas with a traditional take on a Christmas show in their home city to raise money for local charity 'The Little Hereos' alongside friends Morgan Mecasky and Humble Home. REGGAE Cornell Campbell meets Soothsayers Reggae fans are in store for a treat in the new year, as Cornell Campbell and Soothsayers join paths for a UK tour in February to spread some funky vibes across the country. So jump pon the hype and don't miss out on this jammin sesh. WWW.GUESTLIST.NET/TVV See who has been dropping in with us! Ghetts Interview Andy Jordan Interview Yasmeen Interview YOUTUBE CHANNEL "GUESTLIST"

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