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HOUSE / TECHNO Issue 58 / 2013 19 7 IEW V ER T IN Freight Train We caught up with the house production / DJ duo from London about the future, where it all started and what they would fill a swimming pool with. Aimée | So for all those who don't know about Freight Train, who are you guys? Kraft: We're a house production duo / DJ duo / radio hosts / take over the world. Everything. So how did you two as a pair come together to make music? Wes: We met back in 2008 in Greenwich University. we were both studying the same course and getting high marks so you realise 'he's obviously good at what he does'. We liked the same kind if things and started to work together. We were making music and then thought 'Well we're gonna need to play it out so we're gonna need to learn how to DJ and the rest is history really. How did the name, Freight Train, come about? Kraft: I'm the name guy! A freight train is moving, carrying large goods. It's always going to a destination. We like to do a lot of things involving music. We've got a lot to bring so having that name Freight Train, it's always gaining momentum, moving forward. It suits what we're about. Nice! So which artists have influenced you? Kraft: From an EDM point of view, I look up to someone like Calvin Harris because he started in his bedroom making tunes and now he's one of the highest paid DJs in the world. Wes: In terms of house, our favourite house DJ and producer has got to be Maceo Plex. And then there's also Eminem. Sometimes for influences you look at the people's work ethic, their talent, their audio talent, their branding, just them as an artist. So I hear you got a new EP coming out? Wes: Two actually. Kraft: Yeah, the first one is coming about the second release. The tune's called 'Got to have it', coming out on Orange Groove Records, headed by Paul Sirrell. He's on fire at the moment and getting a lot of good feedback from the likes of Skream, I think even MK said he was backing his music and Huxley as well. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? Kraft: I'd like to be David Guetta because he's a master of what he does. I would like to be him in Ibiza, playing to thousands and thousands of people. Then I'd like to take all that and bring it back to Freight Train. Wes: I'd be 50 cent. 'Get rich or die trying.' was a phenomenal album. On top of that he's got charities, brands show its 2 hours of just house music. Every Tuesday 7-9PM. Wes: We feature our top nights out in London, the best tunes of the moment and mixes. Then normally at the end of our show we flip the show and do a feature called top 3 of the week, so we play 3 tunes from any genre. Cool. Ok, so house is predominantly what you do. Do you think in the future you might experiment with something else? Kraft: When it comes to playing music, as a duo DJ'ing, I think it'll always be house based, when it comes to production, definitely do other stuff. Wes: That's the thing with us, Freight " We've got a lot to bring so having that name Freight Train, it's always gaining momentum, moving forward " out end of December. Its gonna be released on Toob records and it features a very talented vocalist we've worked with called Zio. It's like a sort of minimal, afrobeats kind of tune. A little bit underground and adding a little bit of rap in it over a house beat. Wes: And we're even more excited and he's actually got his fingers in a lot of pies, not just musical pies. He's a businessman. So tell us about the radio station you feature on, it's Represent radio right? Kraft: Yeah, we host the Derailed Train, will always be doing house but because we love music as a whole and we've got so many influences it really just comes down to what we want to make on the day. Although, sometimes I think you want to keep the strength in your brand, so an idea we've had is that we might make another alias up for new music. Ahh I see, like what Ghetts did with Ghetto and J Spades. Wes: Exactly, I mean if you look at some of the biggest guys in the world, everybody does it. It's smart to just change your name and push a different sound under that name. There's plenty more to come from us. What is your biggest tune of the moment? Kraft: I got to say the Drums, Richy Ahmed. Now that's my tune man. Wes: Erykah Badu, Window seat. Every time I sit in my car that's the first tune I'm starting with. Have you got any guilty pleasures in terms of music? Wes: YESS!! Queen- Don't stop me now. Or Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me baby. Anyone that says 'why do you like that?' I say 'look, play this tune to anyone in the world and look at the reaction'. When you can make music that can globally move people, you can't say it's a bad piece of music! Well thanks for dropping in guys. Wes: Huge shout out to Guestlist for having us, it's a pleasure. @FreightTrainUK

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