Winning Hoops

January/February 2014

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Learn more & find a dealer at 2014 NBA ALL-STAR NEW ORLEANS LOGO — REPRODUCTION GUIDELINE SHEET LOGO ON COLORED BACKGROUNDS SPALDING® IS THE OFFICIAL EQUIPMENT OF: PRIMARY LOGO NBA ALL-STAR 2014 Official Colors NBA Logoman Red Pantone 199 100m/65y NBA Logoman Blue Pantone 293 100c/56m NBA All-Star Red Pantone 186 100m/81y/4k NBA All-Star Navy Pantone 289 100c/64m/60y NBA All-Star Gold* Pantone 872 20c/30m/70y/15k *for alternative flat applications use Pantone 465 237r/23g/76b 107g/182b 227r/24g/55b 43g/92b 180r/151g/90b

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