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Shops should be excited about the add-on sales potential that exists in drag racing. (Photo courtesy Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels) True drag racing enthusiasts are keeping the sport alive and well. (Photo courtesy Aeromotive) Moroso's Thor Schroeder listed supercharger tanks for 2013-'14 Mustang Shelby GT500s, GM LS dry sump oil pans and an oil pan for Dart's Next LS blocks as products his company is readying for drag racers next season. Transmission Specialties' Peter Miller says his company sees the high-performance business segmenting into separate over-40 and under-40 markets. "The over-40s are the traditional drag racers, but they now have engines with blowers and turbos that can achieve over 2,500 hp. They expect transmissions and converters to match their capacity," he says. "The under-40 racers seem to place a much higher emphasis on the overdrive transmission, but they expect these overdrive transmissions and lock-up converters to handle 1,000 hp, which was unheard of two years ago." Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels' Don Sneddon points out one up-andcoming trend he sees: "radial drag tires." And Aeromotive's Jesse Powell credits the industry for always innovating. New products and a general sense of excitement seem to foretell good times ahead for the drag racing market. (Photo courtesy Jiffy-tite) "From what we see and hear, electronic fuel injection is still on the upswing. As more and more sanctions begin to accept EFI and adapt the rules as such, more and more manufacturers continue to develop new products that make EFI a serious contender, even in many classes dominated by mechanical fuel injection and carburetors." With carburetors still dominating the majority of Sportsman drag racing, however, the company took its popular A2000 fuel pump and redesigned it for such applications. February 2014 PHBFEB.indd 23 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 23 1/3/14 12:04 PM

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