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When it's drag racing we're talking about, we will break stuff and there will always be a need for new parts. port. I am sure that the track operator will welcome you and the guys racing will appreciate it." Such grassroots marketing will build your reputation with the local client base. "I'm confident they will look to you for their next set of parts before they go mail order or interweb shopping. And when it's drag racing we're talking about, we will break stuff and there will always be a need for new parts." Mickey Thompson's Sneddon notes that shops should be excited about the add-on sales potential that exists in drag racing. "With our products, you can easily increase the ticket by suggesting add-ons like natural rubber race tubes, replacing worn front drag tires or packaging up tires with our high-quality drag racing wheels." LaFleur says it's about actually stocking the products needed. "Improve sales by having inventory in the store when customers come in to purchase products. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that our customer wants to purchase product, has money in hand and they are told, 'We do not have it but we can get it in for you.' That is a lost sale opportunity and frustrates the customer." He also suggests in-store marketing "Let the customer know what you do have. Banners, header cards and even displays are good tools to show potential customers what companies you carry." Schroeder backs that up with the other must-have aspect of your business: service. "Drag racers, and pretty much any racer for that matter, are going to need specialized parts, so it is imperative that the shop is able to offer services such as being open late on nights before races and customorder capability. The shop should also be involved in the sport in some way, shape or form. From the viewpoint of the customer, it separates the shop that just treats their (Photo courtesy NHRA) business as a business to one that mixes business with their passion." Get out to where the customers are, he suggests. "A shop that is involved with racing does add credibility in the customer's eyes. It elevates the business from one that just sells parts to one that has a specialist or specialists to help in the buying process," he explains. "We all realize that there are not enough hours in the day and time commitments are even more at a premium than ever. So, if it is not possible to have a shop race car or go to the track every weekend, it could be as simple as sponsoring local racers with a discount on parts and having pictures of their cars in the store. "Form long-term relationships with the customers by listening and addressing their needs, and prove to them that you know something about their sport by being involved or reading up on the different series and classes." Transmission Specialties now offers a full line of T-400 aftermarket parts to strengthen the transmission for high horsepower applications. •2.10 Straight Cut Planetary - 6 Pinion Carrier, 4 Pinion Output Carrier •Coated Aluminum Drum - designed to fit Pro Mod Sprag and standard Sprag includes PM inner race, PM outer race, or standard inner race plus intermediate pressure plate •NASA Input Shaft and Forward Drum •300M Input Shaft and Forward Drum •NASA Intermediate Main Shaft •300M Intermediate Main Shaft •Bushed Center Support and Billet Forward Clutch Hub February 2014 PHBFEB.indd 27 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 27 1/3/14 12:06 PM

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