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PERFORMANCE Sunnen Products Co. St. Louis, Mo. Ray Lindberg Sales Manager Our hottest specialty automotive tool is… The hottest product for our shops is the SV-20 vertical honing machine. It features the newest technology and offers two-stage honing capability. With two-stage honing, you don't have to remove the tool; you can actually do a roughing and finishing operation all at once. The newest technology improves shop efficiency. (Photo courtesy Sunnen Products Co.) Its best features include … True linear stroking with the troublefree ball screw stroking mechanism. It also produces better overall bore geometry. The rotary servo tool feed system allows automatic two-stage honing (rough honing for maximum stock removal and then a finish honing cycle, without changing abrasives). Like all of our newer honing equipment, we're able to hone using diamond abrasive technology, which gives you "bonus cost per part." That's with all of our new honing machines such as the SV-10, SV-2410 and SV-20. Shops can feel good about investing in specialty tools because … The new control and servo technology on this machine make it possible for an inexperienced honing operator to get results like a veteran, in a fraction of the time previously needed. It takes the "art" out of honing. Once set up, the SV-20 delivers consistent bore geometry and finishes without constant tweaking of the process. Tools are an investment, so invest wisely. (Photo courtesy Malco Products Inc.) 32 n Performance & Hotrod Business PHBFEB.indd 32 n Technicians benefit most from a wellstocked toolbox by … We recently talked to a customer who said he's never been able to produce a hole that is as straight and round as he's been able to produce with the SV-20. The vertical stroking mechanism improves geometry over previous-generation machines. The 2.5kW servo belt drive stroking system allows for increased flexibility and performance. February 2014 1/3/14 12:10 PM

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