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lenge to accommodating all of this range is to provide handle openings and natural ergonomic contours that compliment hand strength and resist strain and fatigue of repetitive motions without sacrificing the labor-saving, productivity features of the working end of the tool, such as length of cut or throat depth. The answer will vary between tool designs that balance all performance features or simply a broader line of styles and sizes for the same tool. Technicians benefit most from a wellstocked toolbox by … Tools are an investment, so invest wisely. Hopefully the toolbox is not just well-stocked, but stocked with professional-quality tools including labor-saving specialty tools that improve productivity and promote the health and safety of the hands-on pro who depends on this tool "investment" for a livelihood. Hypertherm Inc. Hanover, N.H. Michelle Avila Public Relations Manager Our hottest specialty automotive tool is… The American-built Powermax45 air plasma and gouging system. Its best features include … The ability to cut just about any type of metal including rusted and expanded metal, and the ability to easily remove spot welds without leaving a large heat-affected zone. The biggest challenge facing the specialty automotive tools market is … Choosing the right tool for the job. Technicians benefit most from a wellstocked toolbox by … Doing their jobs quickly and easily. The right tools, like a Powermax45, make the job easier and faster. Shops can feel good about investing in specialty tools because … It will save them money in the long run. The Powermax45 removes cuts faster and removes spot welds much more quickly than other methods, saving time and money on jobs at the end of the day. (Photo courtesy Intercomp Co.) Super-Charge your sales! CTEK battery chargers are a truly universal product that sells! With their unique system of chargers, battery status indicators and accessories, you can have a product that appeals to every customer, at all price points. CTEK chargers come with a 5-year warranty, are easy to use, are reliable, and can be a profit center for your business. You can sell chargers and accessories over the counter, or you can offer to install a charging port or indicator so that all of your customers have a simple way to safely maintain their vehicle's battery. CTEK_PerfBiz_Jan 14 Issue_111813.indd 1 PHBFEB.indd 35 February 2014 n 11/19/13 10:41 35 Performance & Hotrod Business n AM 1/3/14 12:11 PM

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