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4-hour period with the matte black. It cost me a little over $15. I carefully removed the tape and newspaper and found a completely new, updated bumper for the front end along with the grille. Add It Up In winter in the Midwest, it can be 60 degrees one day and by evening the next it can be 10 degrees with snow or ice. With a Cummins you'd better be ready, because diesel fuel easily gels once the temperature or wind chill hits below 20 degrees. Cold can stop a diesel in its tracks, so in frigid climates it's important to offer fuel additives to prevent this from happening. Having bought an older diesel truck with some miles on it, I decided to blow the carbon out of the engine before adding the additives. I used a new product from CRC called 1-Tank Renewal for diesels. It's about three-times the strength of conventional injector cleaning fluids. It says to use only quarterly, and about one-third of the bottle took care of my 35-gallon tank. After putting it in, an old mechanic told me to take it out to a desolate highway and start from a dead stop on the on-ramp and floor it all the way to about 70 or 80 mph, and do this three or four times. After that treatment it felt like the old engine had had a tune-up, it ran so much better with a little bit more pickup from the pedal. I'm told not only does it clean the injectors, but the fuel injection pump, too. After cleaning the system out with a new oil change I added a fuel additive to keep it from gelling during my travels in the winter months. Fair warning—you have to keep adding the anti-gel solution every time you fill the tank, so remind your customers to buy additional bottles to keep in the truck. As a garage, truck store or parts store, there are a lot preventative items available to sell a diesel owner during the winter months. Check the maintenance on all fluids, filters and even the batteries during the winter months or before. Also make sure your shop or garage has either literature or samples of the perfor- Adding the CRC AntiGel to every full tank will keep your diesel on the road when temperatures dip below 20 degrees. The new billet valve cover adds to the under-hood looks, plus advertises our favorite sanctioning body—DIESEL Motorsports! Machined by B&B Tooling out of Sturgis, Mich./ Cleaning out the carbon in an older truck can be tough at times. Using CRC 1-Tank Renewal adds a little more pep to a truck's engine, plus keeps from changing the injectors quite so often. Changing the filter and oil regularly, and particularly before winter hits, is smart maintenance on a diesel engine. On pre-2007 diesel engines, Champion Blue Flame contains the oil additives needed to help older trucks run smoother. mance or accessory upgrades available for diesel trucks. While customers are waiting for work to be performed, you can talk openly with them about a simple upgrade or add-on. Most will spring for the extras if they make sense and they trust you as a shop. I know I'm a sucker for it every time, because I love my truck like most Americans and you can build your business on that premise. Service, service, service during winter months can help build the bottom line for your shop, plus earn you loyalty with customers. Ron Knoch is president of DIESEL Motorsports (National Association of Diesel Motorsports), a sanctioning body formed in 2007 for diesels that promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events, and hosts diesel drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competitions. Learn more at February 2014 PHBFEB.indd 51 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 51 1/3/14 12:15 PM

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