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Currently a 206rb5, 225r2 and a 332r2 are all in operation in the shop. I'm having a skip stitch problem with the 206, which has been my right hand for over 10 years. After several mechanics and specialists, it is not getting any better. The 225 is a top-mount bobbin and has always been a heavy and back-up machine. I don't like top-fed bobbins. A buddy of mine who does canvas awnings has been begging to buy the 332 for quite some time. Consew has always been a quality name in machines and previously was made in Japan. I pump American products any chance I can but cannot deny its quality. I have recently decided to upgrade all my machines. I'd like a long arm, a new daily and a new double needle. The Consews have always been my preferred go-to machines, but through a little research I found that Consew is no longer a Japanese product. It is now manufactured and shipped from China. I refuse to rely on Chinese import products, especially in my business! I realize y'all check out these articles for some insight but I'm going to turn it around. I'm asking you all to It takes quality professional equipment to produce quality professional results. give a little feedback on what machines you use, like and dislike. Email me or message me on Facebook. If you contact me through Facebook I'll add you to a Long story short: buy and use quality tools. Don't save a buck closed group for auto upholstery professionals as well. It's a good in the short term on your shop. It will bite you in the end. Once place to ask questions and I'll gladly write editorials for you in you acquire good machinery, maintain and care for it properly. the magazine to answer them in depth. I'll address the feedback You don't realize just how much money these things make you I receive and share what brand of machines I have chosen to until you have to do without them for a few days. replace our old ones. I'll also share the results on which are the most popular among other pros. This would also be an excellent outlet for manufacturers or Ace Eckleberry is the owner of ACE Custom Upholstery & reps to showcase your machinery. Make sure it is quality; I don't Rod Shop in Fairfield, Ill. For more information, visit www. sugarcoat things in business. In future articles I'll be comparing Email Ace Eckleberry at Ace_Customs@ a lot more equipment. February 2014 PHBFEB_52-77.indd 75 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 75 1/7/14 2:26 PM

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