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Win More Games Buy these top-selling reports and DVDs! These products represent the best instructional reports and videos selected from the Coach and Athletic Director library. 130 "Pro Power" Strength, Power and Explosiveness Drills Becoming A Champion: How to Run Faster! Dr. Don Chu, one of the world's foremost experts on athletic performance enhancement, shares the concepts, exercises, skills and drills that will help any dedicated athlete get faster! 40 Minutes $29.99 Developing Confident Athletes: A Coach's Guide Greg Dale, PhD, shares nine areas of consideration to help coaches develop a systematic approach to building self-confident athletes. He discusses "planning for confidence," setting goals and dealing with parents. 38 Minutes $39.99 The Coach's Guide to Dealing Effectively With Parents Greg Dale, PhD, takes an in-depth look into a parent's behavior and motivation. Dale identifies what a coach can do to promote a proactive, positive, and coach-controlled atmosphere that will enable you to function "with" rather than "against" an athlete's parents. 31 Minutes $39.99 Alan Stein warms up with drills designed to prepare the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments for intense training. Stein presents dynamic flexibility drills to increase range of motion. He also shares drills that work the abdominals, low back, obliques and hips. 104 Minutes $39.99 Cut to the Core! Strengthening The Core 75 core strength training exercises designed to maximize core strength! Tim McClellan defines 5 key movements for core training: Spinal Flexion, Rotational Movement, Extended Spine, Lateral Flexion, and Stabilization and offers both traditional and innovative new exercises for each. 38 Minutes $39.99 The Way of the Champion: Developing Competitive Advantage Jerry Lynch shares his strategies to help you create the crucial edge over your opponent. Learn to understand the important message of self-doubt and confidently face each day of competition. 57 Minutes $39.99 Sport Concussion: Cutting Through the Confusion Magnificent Motivators Hiring, Mentoring and Evaluating Coaches: An Integrated Process The Secrets of Passing Experts tell us it is the indefensible to send a concussed player back to play or practice, nut the indefensible regularly happens on American playing fields. What every coach, player, parent and health care provider needs to know about "the invisible injury." 16 pages $9.95 In this Special Report, veteran athletic director and long-time coach Dr. David Hoch, CMAA, fully equips athletic directors with his successful approach to hiring, mentoring and evaluating coaches through Education-Based Athletics. 24 pages $11.95 This Special Coaching Report is bursting with unique strategies to give your players a kick in the pants when they need it most. Discover creative ways for long-term motivation, post-game motivation, motivating during a losing season, firing up players in the weight room and much more. 16 pages Price: $9.95 Teach your players the art of passing the basketball with this outstanding coaching report. Written by some of today's top coaches, this report is jampacked with articles, drills and teaching techniques to improve your team's ball movement and cut down on those aggravating turnovers. 15 pages $9.95 There's never been a better time for you to get the advantage you need to run a more successful program. TO ORDER BY PHONE 616-887-9008, ext. 115 TO ORDER ONLINE ™

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