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FILM Issue 59 / 2014 13 7 COMING SOON INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS The Coen Brothers take us on a beatnik romp of the highest order. 24th January The Oscar season well and truly kicks off this month, and with it comes the latest Coen Brothers' effort- a beautifully observed tale of a slightly pretentious 1960's singer-songwriter struggling to make ends meet in a winter-tinged Greenwich Village. The titular crooner, played with perfect nuance by Oscar Isaac, is accompanied by a great supporting cast including a hilariously deadpan Carey Mulligan and an expectedly charming Justin Timberlake. The soundtrack is phenomenal -T Bone Burnett looks all but a shoe-in to win the Academy Award at this point- with many of the actors contributing their vocal chords to the breathtaking musical sequences that prove to be the film's centre pieces. 'Inside Llewyn Davis' is also blessed with a wealth of interesting peripheral characters, each with their own unique brand of storytelling and eccentricity. This depth of support allows the film to calmly and slowly run its course –there's no need for it to kick into overdrive to hook you in, from the moment the opening credits roll you're thrown into an immaculately fashioned world of smoky cafés and icy streets. It may not speak as loudly as many of its fellow Oscar contenders (Or indeed much of the Coens' back catalogue) but that doesn't mean 'Inside Llewyn Davis' has any less to say. More @ The Monuments Men February 14th George Clooney leads a stellar cast into the thick of the Second World War, where they are tasked with protecting the France's cultural heirlooms from the Nazis by any means necessary. The Lego Movie February 14th Boasting a killer voice cast, some hilarious trailers and more pop culture references than the average human mind could possibly fathom, this looks like one hell of a chaotic slice of brilliance. Only Lovers Left Alive February 14th Jim Jarmush's take on the vampire-romance genre (Starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton) is frequently hilarious, wholly refreshing and utterly bizarre.

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