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HOUSE / TECHNO Issue 59 / 2014 19 7 IEW V ER T IN DJ W!LD Without fanfare this DJ has grown from being the hero of the Parisian underground to being resident dj at some of the worlds most acclaimed clubs, festivals and DJ shocases 2014 is looking to be his busiest year yet, with a double album on the way and some more huge events this year! Oshi | YOU WERE BORN IN MULHOUSE RIGHT? WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW? Ya I was born in Mulhouse, but I spent all of my childhood in Dijon. Now I'm living in Paris. 1995 WAS THE YEAR YOU STARTED DJING RIGHT? TELL US ABOUT THAT. Well in 1995 I started djing in Barcelona and Paris and then about a year later I produced my first collaboration on twisted America. It was called magic orgasm. That is where the magic began :) SOME PEOPLE SAY YOUR MUSIC HAS SEXY FUNKY VIBES... HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE IT? Well I grew up listening to hip hop, soul, disco and jazz so I think that's where the funky vibes come from. I've always liked sweet, sexy music though. HOW HAS 2014 STARTED FOR YOU!? Well I have some big changes planned for 2014! I'm leaving cocoon and going to paramount. So I'll be getting a new manager and I have a few big projects planned so I'm I don't know I think its just the right time for my sound! I think its just a combination of good production, dj skills and the fact that I never stop believing in myself. I also think I have God to thank for part of my luck. " dj skills and the fact that I never stop believing in myself. " ANY GOOD XMAS PRESENTS? Ya I got a few great ones! HOW WAS NYE? Well I was in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and went to Tulum so I can't complain! really excited for this year! SO LIFE IS TREATING YOU WELL? Life is good I can't complain. I'm just really busy with work at the moment. TELL ME WHY YOUR BUZZ IS SO STRONG RIGHT NOW YOUR IN LONDON EVERY OTHER WEEK!? YOUR ALWAYS MAKING MUSIC, WHAT IS THE HOT NEW STUFF YOU HAVE DONE? I'm preparing a double album on my label at the moment so I'm just focusing on the final touch's and then I'll be working on some remixes and ep's. WHAT ELSE ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR? I'm really looking forward to all of the different gigs around the world that I'll be at this year! All the different festivals, the parties, the summer! There's just so many things that I'm looking forward to! IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE RIGHT NOW? Human nature WHAT DO YOU WISH EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAD? Respect Catch DJ W!ld at Fire in February

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