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28 DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP IEW V R TE N I Issue 59 / 2014 COOL HAND FLEX Starting out in rare groove, hip-hop and reggae this DJ and producer was part of the legendary "We are IE", having tracks alongside with A Side and Uncle 22. His brothers are known as Mike De Underground and Reel II Reel. We've interviewed a veteran in the club scene playing at venues like AWOL, Orange, Desire and Labyrinth. OSHI | HOW'S LIFE? Life's great at the moment been busy working on fresh projects and I am enjoying doing it. WHEN DID YOU START DJING? I first started DJing when I was about 13. My mother had passed away so I had to move in with my dad, who lived not far from West Ham football stadium. He had two turntables set up in the living room and a very old selection of records. They fascinated me so much that I played on them everyday. I have my dad to thank for what I've achieved today. WHEN DID YOU MAKE YOUR FIRST TUNE? The first track I made was with a man called Uncle 22 from Wau Records. A track called 'Game of Love'. DJ Tech, Mc Alex, DJ Slim, Long John & Plastic Jam was also involved in the project which turned out to be an E.P. WERE THERE! Winning best mix tape for 94 is something I never knew until now funny enough. But it's good to know that now! I can only be grateful and humble for that because I've never been one to blow my own trumpet. Lol. WHAT WAS THE INFLUENCE OF 'DE UNDERGROUND' IN YOUR LIFE? Tracks like On the Strength, We are IE E.P., Melody Madness, etc. was all done using the Akai 950, Roland Juno, Atari PC, Roland 808/909/303, Alesia Drum Machines. " i do what i want i enjoy doing and nothing can change that " WHAT DJ'S INSPIRED YOU? WHO WAS THE BEST WHEN YOU STARTED? I would say Barry B from Soul 2 Soul was first to influence me in DJing. I used to listen to him on pirate radio mixing his own tracks live. Back then it was a new thing. HOW DID IT FEEL TO WIN BEST MIX TAPE 1994 WITH GQ AWOL? WE TELL ME ABOUT UNCLE 22 AND DJ TEX. De Underground is a place I spent most my time, serving people records, if not in the studio in the back or in the basement playing pool. With the likes of Randall, Mc Fats, Mike De Underground, Hopa & Bones, Marly Marl, Uncle 22 & Wako. WHAT'S BEEN TAKING UP YOUR LIFE SINCE THEN? Today I am still making music, spending time with family, DJing and working part time. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE DESCRIBED AS ONE OF THE MOST PROLIFIC YET UNDERRATED EARLY HARDCORE/JUNGLE PRODUCERS OF THE 90'S? I don't mind being rated as 1 of the underrated DJ's of the scene. It really doesn't make any difference to me because I do what I enjoy doing and nothing can change that. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TIME IN THE MUSIC SCENE? Playing for clubs like AWOL, Orange, Desire, Labyrinth, Living Dream, Kool FM, Fantasy FM and so on. They have all given me good vibes. It's all good! More at

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