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8 TECHNOLOGY Issue 59 / 2014 GET STEAMY STREAMING! 5 MUSIC SERVICES YOU DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED 1: Thesixtyone This is one of the coolest music streaming websites that exists. Combining music and art; the website plays songs to you at random, while covering the entire webpage in artwork or information about the song. You can then choose to like it, share it, or move on to the next one. The amount of time left in the song also appears on your browser's tab bar, a really useful feature to have. Another positive is the quirkiness of the website. Hovering over the 'heart' button for example, provides you with the amusing pop up "Humans have hearted this '……' times". Negatives: The only drawback is that it does not give you much flexibility to choose what you listen to. Yet, the beauty of Thesixtyone lies in the excitement of discovering new music. 2: Bandcamp This could be compared to Grooveshark in layout but it features more underground music than the former would. This is basically a stage for amateur bands to put forward their music and get their name heard, without being overshadowed by the big names. Do not let this put you off! Some of the best people in music, such as London Grammar, began by recording and displaying their own music this way. Trust me; you will be overwhelmed by the fresh talent featured on Bandcamp. Negatives: The diversity of music can be too much. The website does not make it simple to dilute your music down and find the essence of what you're looking for. 3: Thisismyjam A fun, quirky music site that allows you to listen to playlists made by yourself and other users. The site is free to use and features a number of interesting artists. This is definitely for you if you enjoy less popular music and are looking to try out new stuff. Negatives: Arguably, the website is not mindblowingly unique, as a number of other websites allow you to listen to playlists. However, the layout and community aspect makes Thisismyjam one of the best music streaming websites out there. 4: Songdrop Songdrop allows you to create and collect music from all over the web and keep it in one place. A really useful website if you, like me, listen to music on a range of different platforms and want a way to put them all into one playlist. It also offers up mix tape recommendations such as The Urban Outiffters NYE mixtape or Best of 2013. Giving you a way to find new music as well as listening to the old. Negatives: Although useful, the website is not as quirky as some of the other music platforms out there. 5: NoonPacific Okay, this one is for the lazy people; a music service that sends music to you without you having to do anything but sign up! Although you have to pay to use the service, it is reasonably cheap. Starting at $5 a month, the service sends music straight to your inbox. According to your music taste, NoonPacific provides a refreshing way to find out about new music, every week, at noon Pacific time. Negative: Paying for music streaming is a drawback, when in comparison, so many sites provide the service for free. More at

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