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PRIMARY LOGO 2014 NBA ALL-STAR NEW ORLEANS LOGO — REPRODUCTION GUIDELINE SHEET BLACK & WHITE LOGOS This logo sheet is not for color. Please refer to Pantone and process breakdowns above. PLEASE NOTE: These logos may only be reproduced in full color or in black and white if a single color version is necessary. No other coloration is allowed. The NBA and individual NBA Event identifications are trademarks, copyrighted designs and other forms of intellectual property of NBA Properties, Inc. Neither these identifications nor any other identifications for which NBA Properties, Inc. holds exclusive licensing rights may be used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of NBA Properties, Inc. © NBA Properties, inc. All Rights Reserved. Proper trademark usage: For proper trademark usage, please contact NBA Properties at 212-407-8000, or email Copyright © 2013 NBA Properties, Inc. All Rights Reserved. LOGO ON COLORED BACKGROUNDS NBA ALL-STAR 2014 Official Colors NBA Logoman Red Pantone 199 100m/65y 237r/23g/76b NBA Logoman Blue Pantone 293 100c/56m 107g/182b NBA All-Star Red Pantone 186 100m/81y/4k 227r/24g/55b NBA All-Star Navy Pantone 289 100c/64m/60y 43g/92b NBA All-Star Gold* Pantone 872 20c/30m/70y/15k 180r/151g/90b *for alternative flat applications use Pantone 465 Indicate No.139 on inquiry card

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