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FRIDAY, MARCH 7 3:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Fashion Retail Solutions: Beyond the Marketplace To date, a dominant "Amazon" for fashion has yet to emerge. We question "if," as opposed to "when," such a powerful player will ever emerge. What do we see in its place? This panel will explore and critique the evolving retail solutions open to emerg- ing eCommerce fashion brands. Ciara McKenna, Kim Knowles, Liz Bacelar, Liza Kindred Panel • Intermediate • #FashTech 5:00 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Welcoming the Robot Workforce Explore the impacts of the robotic workforce on our attitudes about work and produc- tivity. As robots move from manufacturing to transforming the white-collar world, will we have time to become the best versions of ourselves? How can we ensure the pro- ductivity of humanity? Will robots usher in depression—both economic and emotional? Part of the IEEE Technology for Humanity Series. Dawn Tilbury, Elena Messina, Henrik Christensen, Vijay Kumar Panel • Intermediate • #ieeeRWF SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 The Future of Biometrics This presentation will look at the future of biometrics: the technology it requires, intel- ligent experiences it can provide, and what will ultimately drive consumer adoption. Hear from Skooks Pong of Synapse on the life-changing capabilities this technology can unlock. Skooks Pong Solo • Intermediate • #identifyme 9:30 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Hardwiring the Brain: Better, Faster, Stronger Our collective perception of the human brain and its potential is constantly evolving. The intersection of technology and our "wet computer" helps us accelerate the ways that we measure, map and affect cognitive performance, increasing the capacity to reach our full potential. Andrew Smith Lewis , Anthony Ha, Ariel Garten, Jan Plass Panel • Intermediate • #SXMindTech 11:00 AM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Aging in Place With the Internet of Things Thinking about how technology could offer relief, support, and even joy to those who chose to age in place has compelled frogs to study how emerging technologies can help with changing healthcare needs. Eric Baczuk, Lindsey Mosby Core Conversation • Intermediate • #AgingIOT 11:00 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 My Sensors. My Data? Issues of privacy, lack of standards, and unclear business models for personal data collection and sharing are making it difficult to get time-resolved data from activ- ity trackers. This panel will discuss barriers and enablers to creating an open data ecosystem that lays the foundation for one integrated network of connected devices. John Wilbanks, Rachel Kalmar Dual • Intermediate • #mydata 11:00 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Next Evolution in Communication: What Will Happen Given the arise of Jawbone, Google Glass, iWatch, and a whole array of wearable devices, people will soon be able to communicate even faster and more frequently than ever before in an increasingly more connected world. Join the discussion about what the resulting evolution in human relationships will be in this new millennium. Christina Mercando, Koichi Yamamoto, Marco Tempest, Takahito Iguchi Panel • Intermediate • #CommTech 12:30 PM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Can't We All Just Get Along? Justify is a new system for organizing large-scale debate about important topics to aid decision-making. Rather than simply organize posts chronologically, it organizes discussion around "points". The system also provides semi-automatic summarization of the discussion at all levels, making it easier for participants to reflect on what's going on, or newcomers to join. Christopher Fry, Elizabeth Rosenzweig Core Conversation • Intermediate • #GetAlong 12:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 The Quantified Artist: Biometric Augmented Reality This session provides a quantified "digital backstage" view of live chamber music rigged up with emerging hardware such as the Hexoskin wearable and Kinect 2 mo- tion sensor along with real-time pitch and rhythm tracking. "Small Data" science, interaction design, and creative technology topics will be explored in the context of an immersive augmented reality concert experience. Robert Tuttle Solo • Advanced • #bioarmusic 3:30 PM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Networked Fabrication for Urban Provocation Digital design tools and the rise of fabrication have empowered ordinary citizens to build urban provocations in the dynamic context of abandoned and underused spaces sprinkled throughout cities. It is through a network of architectural interventions lo- cated in key parts of areas that communities can be reinvented and regenerated. Aaron Gutierrez, Julia Cerrud Core Conversation • Intermediate • #urbanfab 3:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Thumbs Up to Gesture-Controlled Electronics? With a growing market for motion and natural gesture controlled devices comes the challenge to unify and standardize a global gesture language. Join design ethnogra- pher Kelly Goto as she presents the cultural patterns and pitfalls of spontaneous ges- ture use that were identified in a 360 person, 18 country study led by the UX Fellows Network. Part of the IEEE Technology for Humanity Series. Kelly Goto Solo • Intermediate • #ieeegoto 3:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Government's Gamble: The Future of Transportation It's no secret that the transportation industry is changing in big cities. Moderated by TechCrunch's Ryan Lawler, Lightspeed Venture Partners' Justin Caldbeck, Sidecar's CEO Sunil Paul and Getaround's co-founder Jessica Scorpio will discuss how transpor- tation startups can effectively work with government organizations, and the future of the industry outside of big cities. Jessica Scorpio, Justin Caldbeck, Ryan Lawler, Sunil Paul Panel • Intermediate • #GovGamble 5:00 PM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Unmanned Government: The Autonomous Future Our conversation will focus on the applications of autonomous vehicles in the US civilian federal government and what it means for entrepreneurs and technologists working on these technologies today. We will also discuss safety and privacy concerns, the workforce impacts of these technologies, and how to maximize their applications for social good. Matt Caccavale, Samra Kasim Core Conversation • Intermediate • #autonomous 5:00 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Wearable Computing: Now, Near & Next Generation The Internet is abuzz with talk of Google Glass, and rumors of an "iWatch" from Apple. In this panel, experts from the technology, advertising, fashion, and legal industries will explore where this technology is headed and what it means for the masses. They'll also discuss what challenges and opportunities wearable computing will create for us now, in the near future, and in the years to come. Alison Lewis, Chick Foxgrover, Gilly Segal, Sean White Panel • Advanced • #weartech SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 124 125 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival INTELLIGENT FUTURE HYATT REGENCY AUSTIN: 208 BARTON SPRINGS ROAD FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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