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9:30 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Content Changes Everything: Even How We Shop The brand's role in a customer's life is evolving thanks to quality content and company stories that are resonating with customers on an emotional and personal level more than ever. In this session, experts will speak to the changing consumer relationship and how effective storytelling can lead to long-term brand loyalty. Jeff Pyatt, Mollie Chen Dual • Beginner • #ContentROI 9:30 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Tech Off Your Clothes: Naked Truths of Wearables From inconspicuous bracelets which keep track of your fitness levels to clothing that can display your most recent Twitter status, the question is no longer whether users will accept this integrated technology, but where does the line between fashion, us- ability and taste fall? Billie Whitehouse, Jay Morgan, Nicole Forbes, Q Manning Panel • Intermediate • #TechItOff 11:00 AM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Check Online for Session Scheduled in This Timeslot Things change! Check our online schedules at or SXSW GO, our, mobile app, to find information about what will occur in this room at this time. We're sure it'll be really cool, whatever it is! #schedule 11:00 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Glass: Game Changer for People with Disabilities? Glass has the potential for more impact than what brands are talking about. Let's explore more complex use cases, discussing how wearable tech can drastically im- prove lives of people with disabilities or special needs. This session we will explore how wearables can unlock new possibilities for people with vision issues, hearing issues, and more. Jen Quinlan, JP Gownder Dual • Intermediate • #GlassHelp 11:00 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Form & Function: Designing Devices You Want to Wear This panel brings together designers to share the trade-offs and challenges related to designing wearable tech. Executives and designers from Pebble, Whistle, and Jawbone will discuss the depth and breadth of product design. Learn from the industry leaders about what it takes to create successful products people love to use. Aza Raskin, Dieter Bohn, Eric Migicovsky, Steven Eidelman Panel • Intermediate • #WearTech 12:30 PM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD Innovative Apps Are Key to Wearable Tech Adoption This session will discuss the most compelling business opportunities for wearables, such as true 3D augmented reality for logistics, training, wellness and other enter- prise uses. It will also delve into captivating applications such as gestural computing, voice—and even mind control. Anna Jen Core Conversation • Advanced • #Wearables 12:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Gaining Vision the Robotic Way Accessible transportation options using robots. David Bevly, Mohammed Yousuf, William Bluethmann, YingLi Tian Panel • Intermediate • #robots 12:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Wearables: The New Marketers' Challenge Wearable tech sales are expected to reach 160 million devices by 2017. With this new audience comes opportunities for marketers to engage with consumers but how will they be able to scale & what tactics should they keep in mind to make sure the experi- ence is personal, nonintrusive & locally relevant? Join us as we debate if wearables will change lives or if this fad will quickly fade. David Rosales, Krishna Subramanian, Soulaiman Itani Panel • Intermediate • #FutureMKTG 3:30 PM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD An Influencer by Any Other Platform This talk will guide the audience through the social platforms most effective for fash- ion and beauty brands—in March 2014—to drive engagement, and, if relevant, sales. Caroline Waxler Core Conversation • Intermediate • #Influencer 3:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Driverless Cars—Implications for Travel Behavior This session will discuss the types of impacts that autonomous vehicles may have on people's activity-travel patterns, location choices, and vehicle ownership. We will dis- cuss the developing vision for transportation models of the future that are responsive to the presence of driverless vehicles, and capture the full range of short, medium, and long-term changes in behavior. Chandra Bhat Solo • Beginner • #AutoBhatSX 3:30 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 From Dream to Reality: Building a Wearable Concept Beauty, periphery and meaning are the principles that will facilitate the adoption of wearable technology devices, according to Artefact designer and wearable tech expert Jennifer Darmour. But how do you apply these in the process of creating a marketable wearable technology device and the services that accompany it? Join us for lessons from one of the most innovative wearable tech designers. Jennifer Darmour Solo • Advanced • #WearIT 5:00 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 Smart Transportation Future: Mobile & Big Data With automotive traffic and parking data becoming more open and big data now more prevalent, the acceleration of new technology and apps are engaging the users with their car in a more meaningful manner. Studies have consistently shown that urban traffic and parking are directly related. Many cities are realizing this and are dedicating their efforts to reducing congestion and pollution issues. Gal Melamed, Gretchen Effgen, Sam Friedman, Scott Sedlik Panel • Beginner • #ParkMeSXSW 5:00 PM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 5–7 Fitness Wearables & the Quantifiable Self In this panel, speakers that represent some of the pioneers in the fitness technology industry will offer unique insights into the latest trends, and the growing need for companies to offer consumers insights into the cause-and-effect of actions on our bodies and habits so that they can make lasting, impactful changes to their health and fitness routines. Jennifer Grenz, Jin Lee Dual • Beginner • #WearFacts TUESDAY, MARCH 11 9:30 AM Hyatt: Hill Country ABCD You Can Use Your Glass for Good or… Google Glass is more than just a consumer product. Professionals like firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and soldiers perform important, life-saving tasks everyday, all while needing to use devices hands-free. On the faces of these professionals, Glass can do seriously incredible things. Sam Gaddis Core Conversation • Intermediate • #glass4good 9:30 AM Hyatt: Texas Ballroom 1–4 The Made in America Story: Many Sides to the Tale The concept of "Made in America" is on the rise. Following the tragedy of 9/11, a supposed manufacturing resurgence was expected to take place amidst soaring pa- triotism. But as history shows, it didn't. What's different now? What's being done to reclaim the US foothold in design and manufacturing? How can consumers help? This diverse panel of impassioned leaders are excited to share. Erica Wolf, Kate Sofis, Micha Thomas, Michael Williams Panel • Intermediate • #MiA SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 126 127 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival INTELLIGENT FUTURE HYATT REGENCY AUSTIN: 208 BARTON SPRINGS ROAD FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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