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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 156 157 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival WTF & BEYOND RADISSON TOWN LAKE: 111 E CESAR CHAVEZ STREET SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom The Hacker Wars / The War Has Already Begun The panel will discuss Barrett Brown, a Texan and a journalist who faces 105 years in jail for hyperlinking and Weev, the hacker who didn't hack AT&T, yet is doing 41 months in federal prison. Jaime Cochrane, Jay Leiderman, Peter Ludlow, Vivien Lesnik Weisman Panel • Intermediate • #HackerWars 11:00 AM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Apps Exposed: A Look into the Most Dangerous Apps We are a nation of smartphone addicts: seven out of ten adults keep their smartphone near most of the time. However, as we hold our phones close and protect them from harm, do they return the favor or are they up to no good behind-the-scenes? Sponsored by Webroot. Alan Murray, Erich Stuntebeck, Fahmida Rashid, Grayson Milbourne Panel • Intermediate • #MobileRisk 12:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Death 2.0: How to Die on the Digital Frontier In the 21st century, the oldest profession in the world co-exists with the digital frontier. With this a whole new way to understand how to 'do' death in our culture: the "Death Space." Thus, the "Death Space" is everywhere: videos, blogging, and websites to take the fear away from death and dying and help you decide what to do with your physical corpse, real-world assets, and digital legacy. Caitlin Doughty, Chanel Reynolds Dual • Beginner • #howtodie 3:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom The Open Source Revolution: From Blogs to Homes From WordPress themes to all aspects of home and office life, the open source move- ment is bringing new knowledge and increased collaboration to life. This panel will feature Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress & founder of Automattic; Andrew Brooks, co-founder & COO of SmartThings; & Jason Johnson, co-founder & CEO of August, to discuss the value of open source and what the future holds. Alex Hawkinson, Jason Johnson, Matt Mullenweg, Sarah Frier Panel • Advanced • #opensource 5:00 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom The Cyborg Gaze: AR, Drones, Machine Vision We see the world through a computer-mediated eye: we are cyborgs, our experience enhanced by technology. Augmented, pervasive, and cyborg mediations of reality through AR, Drones, and Wearable (or Carryable) Computing affect global society profoundly, affecting activism, markets, and the way we rewire our visual cortices into our devices. Jon Lebkowsky, Patrick Lichty Dual • Intermediate • #cyborggaze SUNDAY, MARCH 9 11:00 AM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom How to Build the Post-Human Brain By 2040, humans may be nearly indestructible, believes Ray Kurzweil and other sci- entists. Advances in tech and medicine may obliterate the maladies of today, making life expectancy rates soar. As humankind transcends physical pain and live longer lives, we ask, "is the brain built to deal with eternal life? What happens to the way we remember? Can we download our thoughts and memories somehow?" Alyson Shontell, Daniel Kraft, Michael Chang, Tim Chang Panel • Intermediate • #posthuman 12:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Sharknado & Twitter: The Perfect Social Storm It was the social media event of the summer, at one point generating 5k tweets per minute, but how the hell did that happen? For the first time Syfy and Twitter come together to present how, through the power of Twitter, Sharknado went from campy film to cultural phenomenon. Dana Ortiz, Fred Graver Dual • Intermediate • #Sharknado 3:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom xHumed: Bring Back the Dead, with Mary Shelley The xHumed are a collective of Speakers-in-a-Box, recreated for events through part- nership with organizations including the Library of Birmingham, Oxford University, BBC and more. Producers Samara and Jason Jones-Hall introduce H. G. Wells and Mary Shelley to reveal the contemporary relevance of "Dead Good Thinkers" and the ripple effect of resurrection. Jason Jones-Hall, Samara Jones-Hall Dual • Intermediate • #xHumedDGT 5:00 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Beyond the Gimmick: Telling Stories Through 4D Entertainment and media are evolving, and augmented reality is the next frontier of storytelling. 4D takes AR a step further, adding interactive elements that allow it to be explored from every angle. Through the realm of 4D, AR is the future of the Web in the real world, and a new way to bring ideas to life for ads, brands, celebrities and more. Brian Mullins, DA Wallach, Katerina Markov, Nick Lippman Panel • Beginner • #4DStories MONDAY, MARCH 10 9:30 AM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Check Online for Session Scheduled in This Timeslot Things change! Check our online schedules at or SXSW GO, our, mobile app, to find information about what will occur in this room at this time. We're sure it'll be really cool, whatever it is! #schedule 11:00 AM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom A Sheep in Wolf's Clothes: The Myth of Disruption Numerous ideas of "The Good" compete in modern American thought, but some carry greater weight. The most prevalent is a mix of free-market capitalism, representative democracy, material progress, and scientism. This talk will examine multiple ideas of "The Good", from transhumanism to primitivism, liberalism to libertarianism, and we'll try to determine what disruption *really* looks like. Aengus Anderson, Micah Saul Dual • Beginner • #ANewMyth 12:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom Big Data & Sensors: Blowing Up Transportation This panel will discuss topics on transportation, its potential for big data, sensors, and social media to help cities meet modern-day challenges, and how as data enables a smarter, mobile lifestyle, entrepreneurs and policymakers alike are forced to work within legacy policy frameworks for everything from funding allocation to privacy and open government. Blake Farenthold, Evan Burfield, Jon Zeitler, Vincent Gray Panel • Advanced • #BigData 3:30 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom High Speed Evolution Weapons of Mass Collaboration Rand Waltzman from DARPA, Jodee Rich from PeopleBrowsr and Andrew Grill from IBM will talk about how we are still at Ground Zero in the life cycle of Social Network tech. The future of social will be allowing enterprises and governments to roll out their own social networks in their own clouds, owning their own business intelligence. What does this mean for existing networks? Andrew Grill, Jodee Rich, Rand Waltzman Panel • Intermediate • #hspeedev 5:00 PM Radisson: Riverside Ballroom The New Age of Technology Enhanced Intimacy As the technology becomes a natural augmentation of our physical relationships, vir- tual interactions are becoming less of a substitute for physical proximity and rather a mechanism to extend and augment intimacy (play/engagement/closeness) between humans and machines. Carl Hastrich, Heather Schlegel, Karen Oikonen, Zahra Ebrahim Panel • Advanced • #techimacy FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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