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SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival 88 89 SXSW 2014 Interactive Festival DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT ACC [BALLROOMS A & BC]: 500 E CESAR CHAVEZ; FOUR SEASONS: 98 SAN JACINTO BLVD FRIDAY, MARCH 7 3:30 PM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom Think Content First, Navigation Second As product design, user interfaces and frameworks are converging to humanize tech- nology, valuable content will be the currency of the new digital economy. In this pre- sentation, Jon Setzen examines why and how digital entrepreneurs of all stripes should build their ideas, business and product offerings around the users and what will bring the most value to them. Jon Setzen Solo • Intermediate • #Content1st 3:30 PM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Evil By Design: Leading Customers into Temptation It's OK to deceive people. In fact we do it all the time already. There's a continuum from evil, through commercial and motivational to charitable deception. Customers themselves are often complicit in the deception: they *want* to be deceived! Rather than the futile task of trying not to deceive, instead ask what your motives are for deceiving. Chris Nodder Solo • Intermediate • #evildesign 5:00 PM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom Invisible Steps: Behavioral Economics Driving Design Achieving financial bliss, or even organizing everything in one place, is no easy task. is in a unique position to help consumers establish their goals while enabling ways for them to get there. By taking what the company has learned from its users and working with behavior economists, Mint has discovered that some not-so-rational behavior drives real action. Vince Maniago Solo • Intermediate • #Minted 5:00 PM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Project Estimation: 3 Firms Light Up the Dark Art Estimating custom digital and software projects is among the most difficult tasks we encounter in the field of custom development. We are expected to be at our most accu- rate at the point in time when we know the least. In this panel, Art & Logic, Metia, and Springbox will share their techniques for producing thorough estimates and tackling intricate discovery phases. Brett Porter, Deborah Hanamura, Joshua Philips, Trevor Kale Panel • Intermediate • #darkart SATURDAY, MARCH 8 9:30 AM ACC: Ballroom A The Robot Revolution Robots will change how we work; how we feed ourselves; how we heal; and how we relate to each other. Few emerging technologies have the power to disrupt our world on quite this scale. Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, a $2 billion 3D design, engineering, and entertainment technology company, has seen our robot future, and is ready to tell you about it. Carl Bass Solo • Intermediate • #RobotRev 9:30 AM ACC: Ballroom BC Feature Assassins It's time to slim down our Web and mobile apps. Some features only clutter the inter- face, distract our users and waste our precious time. The only problem: Which ones can be removed? How do you decide whether a feature brings real value? You want your products to be sharp, agile, and powerful, but you won't make it if you still carry the weight of the past. Jeremy Tunnell, Malcolm Ong, Mat Mullen, Matas Petrikas Panel • Advanced • #Assassins 9:30 AM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom How to Say 'Fuck No' & Still Have Them Love You Every decision is made for a reason - and it is vital that the design dialogue shift from how design looks to WHY design works. Thoroughly and passionately justifying each and every directive is the not only the pathway to effective design process, but it is the level of discourse needed to succeed in business today Michael Nieling Solo • Intermediate • #FuckNo 9:30 AM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Star Trek UX|UI Rules for Phones, Tablets, & TVs Star Trek has been used as a design paradigm from the space shuttle Enterprise to the iPad. However, the usefulness of Star Trek to user interface and user experience designs has not been widely explored. This session will focus on the Star Trek LCARS interface and share the design lessons it holds for today's phones, tablets, and TVs. Ana Karen Ramírez, Anjuan Simmons Dual • Intermediate • #sxswTrek 11:00 AM ACC: Ballroom A Beyond Technology: Designing for People As technologists, it's clear we'll need more than good products to prevail. If we want to transform how people look at the world, tapping human desires will be core to tomor- row's ideas. Alexander Graham Bell said "the day would come when the man at the telephone would be able to see the person to whom he was speaking." And now Skype brings face-to-face conversations to everyone, everywhere. Stephen Kim Solo • Intermediate • #Microsoft 11:00 AM ACC: Ballroom BC From Every Screen to No Screen: Next Gen Responsive What is the future of responsive web design? With screen sizes rapidly evolving, de- signers, developers and marketers need to rethink how they are serving up web con- tent to consumers in order to keep people engaged with brands on every screen – even "screens" that are wearable devices. Chris Saint-Amant, Kerry Bodine, Mike Norman, Tim Hayden Panel • Intermediate • #RWDnextgen 11:00 AM Four Seasons: Four Seasons Ballroom De-Suckifying Third-Party JavaScript Much of the existing third-party JavaScript currently in the wild really, really sucks. It will slow down your page, screw up your layout, and steal your readers' secrets if you're not careful. In this talk I'll cover common mistakes made while implementing third-party JavaScript, and then show an approach that's worked for me in many places. Kent Brewster Solo • Intermediate • #desuckify 11:00 AM Four Seasons: San Jacinto Ballroom Exploring the Role of Gestures in Interface Design There is an ever-increasing number of devices available to us, and an equally large number of ways to interact with them. We want to examine the role of gestures in in- teraction: how we've moved forward from mice and keyboards to touchscreen mobile devices, and where we might go in the future. Allison Sigrist, Amber Heinbockel Dual • Intermediate • #gesture4u 12:30 PM ACC: Ballroom A Changing Behavior Through Persuasive Design There are an increasing number of websites, apps, and devices that utilize subtle tactics on a micro-level to influence us, generally without our awareness. This session will dive into persuasive user interface design patterns, showcase how some designers are deploying these tactics, and explore how we can design interfaces that serve the interest of users, as well as meet business needs. Matt Danna Solo • Advanced • #behavior FESTIVAL SESSIONS

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