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Code of Conduct and Ethics Governing Principles 3 A culture of integrity Aurecon is committed to acting with integrity in everything we do. Aurecon has developed this Code of Conduct and Ethics ("Code") for all directors, senior officers, executives, employees and contractors of Aurecon (collectively referred to as "Employees") in all of its operations. The Code sets standards of conduct and ethical behaviour required of all Employees of Aurecon and articulates acceptable practices for Employees to ensure that their duties and responsibilities to Aurecon are performed with the utmost integrity and with regard to Aurecon's responsibilities to its owners, employees, clients, suppliers, creditors, consumers and the broader community. We are committed to giving our stakeholders confidence in the way Aurecon operates, our systems, our compliance with those systems and the transparency of methods and the reporting of performance. Our values The Code is underpinned by the values contained in the Aurecon Charter. Those values are: • We foster human achievement through excellence, innovation and collaboration • We respect others by celebrating diversity and acting with integrity and honesty • We work to build a vibrant and brighter future for all. Focal point of ethical business conduct The Code is the focal point of Aurecon's policy on ethical business conduct and supports all other Aurecon policies, standards and procedures and is governed by the following principles. We aim to grow a sustainable business, but also a sustainable world around us. Teddy Daka Chairman Aurecon's values form the foundation of our commitment to our client relationships" Paul Hardy Chief Executive Officer " " Paul Hardy Chief Executive Officer Teddy Daka Chairman

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