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Code of Conduct and Ethics Governing Principles 8 14. 15. 16. 17. Employees must ensure that they engage only reputable, competent and qualified third parties to undertake work on behalf Aurecon. Aurecon requires third parties to familiarise themselves with and to commit and adhere to this Code of Conduct and Ethics. Aurecon must only select sub consultants, contractors and other third party providers of goods and services who act in a manner consistent with the standards obtained in the Code. Employees must act fairly and with integrity in dealing with third party suppliers of goods and services and must comply with all policies and standards of Aurecon in relation to engaging third party suppliers of goods and services. Aurecon does not engage in the activities of political parties and does not make political donations in cash or kind. Aurecon's Employees are permitted to engage in political activities as individuals subject to the other provisions of this Code, including the duty to avoid conflicts of interest and as long as they do not purport to represent Aurecon. Employees are expected to remember at all times that their personal conduct can impact on the reputation of Aurecon and are expected to act accordingly. Most countries in which Aurecon operates have laws that prohibit practices that restrain trade or restrict free and fair competition, including price fixing, collusion with competitors on contract terms and other similar practices with competitors that negatively impact clients and are counter to free market principles. Breaches of competition laws carry potentially serious consequences for both Aurecon and its Employees and other individuals who may be involved. Penalties range from imprisonment in some countries to very significant fines. Aurecon is committed to complying with all such laws in all countries in which it operates. Aurecon recognises the importance of fostering a culture and business environment in which Employees feel safe to report improper and unethical conduct without fear of being victimised. Aurecon is therefore committed to develop, appropriate reporting procedures for unethical conduct that is consistent and complies with the applicable laws of the countries in which we operate. Aurecon will also develop procedures for the investigation of any report of unethical conduct. All Employees are expected to report unethical or improper conduct or breaches or suspected breaches of the Code in accordance with the applicable reporting procedure. Aurecon will, to the extent possible, treat any report of unethical conduct or a breach of this Code in strict confidence. Aurecon will not tolerate any form of punishment, disciplinary or retaliatory action against any person for reporting a matter in good faith in accordance with the Code or any policy, standard or procedure of Aurecon. Any such retaliatory action will itself be a serious breach of the Code which will result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment in appropriate cases. Employees who wish to report breaches of the code, Aurecon Policies or the law should refer to the Whistleblower Policy. Choice of third parties Political contributions and activities Restrictive trade practices Responsibility for reporting breaches of Code We aim to set industry standards, benefit communities and make a significant contribution." Brendan Gibbs Chief Risk Officer "

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