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2 Issue 60 / 2014 GUESTLIST YOUTUBE CHANNEL "GUESTLIST" NEWS FLASH REGGAE Jah Jah Yute Makin' Waves Roots reggae performer Jah Jah Yute has been taking the reggae community by storm with his inspirational lyrics that challenge contemporary issues. Raised in rural Rock Springs, Jamaica. Yute says, "When people hear good music they stop and take notice." INDIE London Grammar for British Breakthrough Act The distinctive and unmistakable sound of British indie band London Grammar has been hitting the radio waves ever since their breakthrough song "Hey Now". Since then momentum has been gaining and they are now nominated for the British Breakthrough Act of 2014. HOUSE Lee Foss Few people have defi ned the modern day scene as much as Lee Foss. Both as a solo producer and with his friend Jamie Jones, he has reinvented house music with disco and R&B infl uences and has taken it across the world to BPM Festival, WMC Miami and all big clubs and festivals around Europe. Catch Foss this Friday night playing at Egg London alongside Russ Yallop, Martin Ikin and more TBA. HIPHOP School's out for this boy! Not wasting any time, American Schoolboy Q, is starting his soundtrack for 2014 with a BANG! On the 25th of February he'll drop his debut album, Oxymoron! Q makes a bold declaration with his new "Man of the Year" music video. Judging by the reviews this video is not to be missed! More at Cognitive psychologist Jennifer Wiley and her team have come to the conclusion that alcohol has some interesting e ects over the minds of people who consume it. They fi rst got their subjects drunk, then they tested their creative problem-solving skills. Apparently, the results were way higher than in the "sober phase". Obviously, they got worse in memory tasks. But if they're not going to remember it, the problem should not exist. Experts say: "That it's because the alcohol helped study participants access remote ideas, ideas that develop through association not linear analysis. In fact, linear reasoning can keep people focused on ideas they think are important but really aren't." Let's all get smart together this weekend! ALCOHOL MAKES YOU SMARTER A group of researchers at the University of Chicago, Illinois (USA) have made a sensational discovery. K Koke Interview MK Interview See who has been dropping in with us! Goldie Interview WWW.GUESTLIST.NET/TV GOOD NEWS Just do a good deed and nomi- nate two more people to spread the kindness! Who will be the next?? What a welcome variation to the ever popular neck nomination! RAKNOMINATION Raknominations is the craze inspired by someone who gave his suit & watch to a homeless man, as a ran- dom act of kindness. BE NICE TO SOMEONE AND OUR VIRGINIA WILL BE NICE TO YOU Good news this month. Do something kind (choose an object you don't use and give it away, buy food for a person that needs it or help someone with their luggage), tweet and tell us what you did @guestlist- dotnet and Guestlist´s Virginia will be choosing two lucky peo- ple to receive an act of kindness from her! Who will be the lucky winners?? Get involved because it could be you and Virginia is very kind so be work hard at being kind and tweet!

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