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7 Issue 60 / 2014 TRAVEL 5. Don't blow your money at a strip club. It may be tempting to shower the scantily clad men and women of Vegas with cash but you'll absolutely regret it. Vegas is a feast for the senses and you're sure to get an eyeful but that doesn't mean you have to pay for it. Just a wander up and down the strip will o er a whole range of nude visuals. Tipping is not optional in America and you will already feel like you're handing away your savings to bar tenders, waiters, and bellhops, don't add strippers to the list. If you absolutely must, remember then be prepared to pay for it. Relocate money from one of your other funds rather than cheat the performers. Those men and women work hard for the money, if you want to objectify them you'll need to fork over the cash. 1. Hotels are for sleeping and no one sleeps in Vegas. It may seem tempting to splurge on a lux night in a famous Vegas hotel but resist the temptation. Odds are you'll be too tired to appreciate a fi ve star hotel room anyway. Plus, remember that all the major hotels have casinos and bu ets available to the public. Feel free to spend your day at Bellagio, you can reap all of the benefi ts of being a guest without the price tag. If you're still not convinced, and have your heart set on the high- roller lifestyle, remember to keep your eyes peeled for hot deals. In Vegas the real money is made in the hotel casino so rooms are often o ered at low prices to encourage gambling, odds are you can score lush accommodation if you explore all of your options. 3. Always be pre- pared. Another option for budget drinking is to hit the grocery and build up sup- plies. If you have access to a car, cheap alcohol can be found just a short drive from the strip. Pop into a CVS, Albert- sons, or Vons to stock up. Fill up a fl ask or, if you're feeling thrifty, save the cup from your 'complementary' drink and keep it fi lled all night. Ice machines should be available, free of charge, on the guest fl oors of the hotel so you can keep everything chilled. 2. Free drinks are rarely free. Casinos claim to o er complemen- tary drinks if you're at the slots or the tables but that's not the whole story. Consider these drinks pay by the min- ute rather than free. The goal here is to keep you spending so waiters make the rounds pretty infrequently. Also, it's America so you're expected to tip. If you want to make the most of it give your waiter a big tip after the fi rst drink and hope they keep you well stocked. Just remember that this, like everything in Vegas, is a gamble. You may hand over your tip right before a shift change and have to start from scratch when the next waiter appears. 4. Have a game plan when it comes to food. If bu ets are a must when it comes to your Vegas vacay opt for a Bu et of Bu ets pass. This will allow you ac- cess to bu ets at 6 di erent hotels including Cesar's Palace and Planet Hollywood. You can attend as many as you want in a 24 hour period for about 50$(30£) per person. This is a steal considering a single bu et trip can cost you from 25$ to 40$ (15- 24£). If you're not bothered about bu ets you still need to be careful. Vegas has a host of amazing res- taurants but they come with a hefty price tag. Even your average fast food place tends to jack up prices around the strip. Your best bet is to hit a grocery store, like with the alco- hol, and snack in your hotel room. If you have car access you'll fi nd much more reasonable prices just a few miles from the strip. You can also try to hit one of the cheaper bu ets and eat enough to fi ll you for the day. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS... DEPLETES YOUR BANK ACCOUNT Here are some basic guidelines if you're hoping to leave Sin City without spending your life savings. 17

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